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The ePortfolio Trilogy

A series of conferences in Hong Kong, Melbourne and Wellington in March 2007

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EIfEL and ePortfolio Australia  announce a Trilogy of ePortfolio conferences in the Asia Pacific Region in March 2007 ePortfolio Hong Kong 2007 on 19 and  20 March,

  • ePortfolio Australia 2007 on 26 and 27 March
  • ePortfolio New Zealand 2007 on 29 and 30 March

The tour builds on the success of previous events held in Melbourne in 2004 and Auckland 2005. These events are designed to showcase ePortfolio research and practice in the Region and encourage cooperation across continents and cultures. The target audience includes educators in schools, vocational education and training and higher education; policy-makers; lifelong learners; software developers and employers. Students are welcome to present!

Key event objectives will include:

  • revealing the essence of ePortfolios,
  • identifying the role of ePortfolios in developing, recording and assessing 21st century literacies and skills,
  • mapping ePortfolio development for lifelong learning, and across all sectors,
  • planning future links between practitioners, researchers and industry.

If you would like additional information, to contribute to the organisation of these events, or learn more about the sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, you are invited to contact:

For Hong Kong and Wellington: Maureen Layte – or Philippe Verstraete -

For Australia (Melbourne): Elizabeth Hartnell-Young -     or Janette Ellis - 


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