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ePortfolio Hong Kong 19-20 March 2007: Empowering Learners for the 21st Century

We are pleased to announce the first ePortfolio Conference in Hong Kong as part of the Trilogy Asia-Pacific ePortfolio tour.

In 2003, EIfEL launched the Objective 2010 challenge: an ePortfolio for all citizens by 2010. The ePortfolio is increasingly being recognised as the medium of choice for the 21st century lifelong learner and knowledge worker - a tool for planning, developing and recognising learning achievements. The past few years have witnessed a growing level of ePortfolio policies and strategies, research and implementation and the expansion of an international ePortfolio community.

The Conference will explore the current state of the art of ePortfolios, examine the worldwide ePortfolio movement and share current national practice and the opportunities for further development in Hong Kong.

Key objectives of ePortfolio Hong Kong 2007 event will include:

  • revealing the essence of ePortfolios,
  • identifying the role of ePortfolios in developing, recording and assessing 21st century literacies and skills,
  • mapping ePortfolio development for lifelong learning, and across all sectors,
  • planning future links between practitioners, researchers and industry.

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ePortfolio Hong Kong 2007
 Provisional Programme
Monday, 19 March 2007
Novotel Century Hong Kong Hotel
Coffee and registration
Plenary Sessions & discussion
ePortfolios and 21st Century Learning
Serge Ravet, EIfEL, France
ePortfolios: what are we learning from practice and policy?
Elizabeth Hartnell-Young, University of Nottingham, England
Coffee Break
Case-study presentation and discussion

Digital Portfolios as a Window into the Learners’ Mind: Multiple Intelligences, Multiple Learning Styles & Multiple Assessments

Evangeline Stefanakis, Teacher College, Columbia University, USA
Presentation and discussion
ePortfolio Technology and Tools: state of the art review
    • Led by Serge Ravet, EIfEL, France and David Johnson, University of Reading, UK
Parallel Sessions
ePortfolios in Higher Education

Moving on: From a home-grown course-specific 'Professional English' e-portfolio to an open source system designed for English enhancement from university entry to exit
  • Elaine Martyn - University of Hong Kong

A ‘Special’ ePortfolio: developing an all-round university graduate

  • Peter Duffy - Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Using e-portfolios to enhance student-centred & reflective language learning and evidence achievements

  • Fiona J. Williams, Hokling Cheung and Vicky Chan, City University, Hong Kong

eCreating an ePortfolio culture: from conception to celebration
  • Elizabeth Hartnell-Young - University of Nottingham, UK - Using examples from schools in Australia and the UK, this session will invite participants to consider the learning activities that teachers and students engage in and the tools they use to develop an 'ePortfolio culture'.

Transforming, improving and capturing learning using the UniServity cLc learning platform

  • Phil Stubbs - Uniservity, UK
Coffee Break
Plenary Session
Reporting and Discussion: Parallel Session Moderators and all participants
Tuesday, 20 March 2007
Novotel Century Hong Kong Hotel
Plenary Session
The development of the student learning profile in Hong Kong
Steven Yip, Education and Manpower Bureau, Hong Kong
The connected learning community
Peter Woodhead, English Schools Foundation, Hong Kong
 Digital Stories and Web 2.0
Helen Barrett, Consultant, USA
Coffee Break 
Parallel Sessions
Telling My Story Workshop
  • Helen Barrett
ePortfolios and lifelong Learning

Supporting Lifelong Personal Development with P2P ePortfolios
  • David Johnson, University of Reading, UK
  • Serge Ravet, EIfEL, France
Round Table and open discussion
Closing Remarks


Stephen Yip

Stephen Yip is currently the Chief Curriculum Development Officer (Life-wide Learning and Library) in the Education and Manpower Bureau, HKSAR. He studied his first degree at Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, and gained a Masters of Education (Research) degree from Cambridge University. Mr. Yip has taught in a number of secondary schools in London before working as a school advisor in the Tower Hamlets Local Education Authority. He is a founder member of the ‘National Evaluation of Study Support’ (1997-2001) initiated by the Department for Education and Science (DfES) and led a number of study support/ out-of-school hours learning projects funded by the Prince’s Trust and the Single Regeneration Budget (Home Office).

Now working under the Curriculum Development Institute in the bureau (since 2002), he is responsible for the development of Life-wide Learning, school library services, and textbook review in the territory. His recent task of ‘Student Learning Profile’ and ‘Other Learning Experiences’ in the forthcoming ‘334 Reform’ leads to a research & development project on e-portfolios and profiles launched in 2005. He is also a part-time lecturer in the MA course in Student Activities at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Publication: ‘Getting Results: Study Support in Tower Hamlets’ (1997). Published essays: e.g. ‘Life-wide Learning: Extending, Enriching and Enabling’ (2002); ‘Life-wide Learning: Building Lifelong Creativity’ (2006).


Dr. Helen Barrett recently retired from the faculty of the College of Education at the University of Alaska Anchorage and is living in the Seattle area. She has been researching strategies and technologies for electronic portfolios since 1991, publishing a website (, an Apple Learning Interchange exhibit (, chapters in several books on Electronic Portfolios, and numerous articles.

She was on loan to the International Society for Technology in Education between 2001 and early 2005, working as the Assessment Coordinator for ISTE’s National Educational Technology Standards and providing training and technical assistance on electronic portfolios for teacher education programs throughout the U.S.under a federal PT3 grant. In 2005, Dr. Barrett became the Research Project Director for The REFLECT Initiative, an international research project, underwritten by TaskStream, to assess the impact of electronic portfolios on student learning, motivation and engagement in secondary schools. She is currently working on several book projects on electronic portfolios. She is also an Apple Distinguished Educator and a George Lucas Educational Foundation Faculty Associate.


Serge Ravet is Chief Executive of the European Institute for E-Learning (EIfEL), a cross-sectoral professional body whose mission is to support the development of a knowledge and learning society. EIfEL is at the forefront of the ePortfolio movement in Europe, setting as objective that in 2010, every citizen will have access to an ePortfolio. He is also Vice-President of the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning (EFQUEL). Combining both technological and pedagogical expertise (20 years experience in training and human resources development) with working experience in Europe and the US, he is retained as an expert and a consultant in learning technology projects. He has published books and articles on eLearning, competencies, quality, learning technologies and ePortfolios - "Technology-based Training" (Kogan Page, 1997) "Valider les Compétences avec les NVQs" (DEMOS, 1999); a Guide to e-learning Solutions (2001).


Dr Elizabeth Hartnell-Young is a research fellow in the Learning Sciences Research Institute at The University of Nottingham, and the co-author of Digital Portfolios: Powerful Tools for Promoting Professional Growth and Reflection, recently published in its second edition. She founded women@the cutting edge, an early ePortfolio professional development project in Australia in the 1990s, and has also worked with young people in schools using mobile phones to collect portfolio evidence. Elizabeth is researching the impact of ePortfolios on learning for the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta) and is a member of its ePortfolio Reference Group. She has written many articles for a range of audiences.

  Phil Stubbs is Head of Educational Development, Asia Pacific, at Uniservity.

Phil joined Uniservity following a successful career as a Curriculum Advisor for both Northamptonshire and Leicestershire Local Educational Authorities in the UK. He has a background in both Primary and Secondary education and 4 years experience in school leadership. He is now managing collaborative learning projects throughout Asia supporting schools in personalizing the learning experience for all learners and connecting learners around the globe.


Peter Woodhead has worked as the ICT Adviser for the English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong since 2002, prior to that he was a Deputy Head and ICT Trainer in the UK.  Peter’s first ICT experience was in 1981 with a VIC 20 and since then he has never looked back!.  This continued with computerised timetabling and attendance solutions to his current passion ( apart from sailing!) which is working with schools on how to align their ICT investments to maximise the impact on teaching and learning.  He led the introduction of the ESF’s district wide Learning Platform – the Connected Learning Community (CLC) -  in 2005 which is now in regular use by all ESF primary and secondary schools.  He has made presentations about the impact of the CLC on student learning and behaviour at Conferences in Hong Kong, UK and USA. He has also worked with schools in Hong Kong and China on use of Learning Platforms and Electronic Whiteboards. Peter sees the CLC as the natural environment for the 21st learner, removing traditional barriers to learning and connecting learners with each other regardless of time or space.  The CLC has inspired ordinary teachers to be become highly innovative and created an environment in which students can have a real voice.


Evangeline Harris Stefanakis, Ed.D., is currently the Advisor and faculty associate at the National Academy of Teaching Excellence at Teachers College Columbia, New York to spearhead new initiatives in differentiated instruction and inclusive education. Previously, she was a faculty member in the Learning and Teaching area of Harvard Graduate School of Education, focusing her research on the assessment and instruction of students with learning challenges: including those who are bilingual and/or with disabilities. Also as a Senior Associate for Programs in Professional Education at Harvard, she developed leadership training programs for educators focused on better serving diverse populations in the US and abroad.  Her teaching and consulting experiences are in bilingual, K12 and special education in both U.S. and international schools, most recently in Greece, Scotland, Norway, Mexico and China.  She actively works with multicultural school communities on projects related to linking curriculum and assessment.  Among the districts she has worked with are the Boston, Cambridge, Chelsea, and Somerville [MA] Public Schools, the Massachusetts Schools Network for Harvard Project Zero, the Massachusetts Department of Education, the American School of Amsterdam and the American Community School in Athens, Greece. As a researcher, frequent speaker, and writer, her work focuses on understanding how best to assess and teach children from diverse language and cultural backgrounds. 

Her most recent publications include Whose Judgment Counts?: Assessing Bilingual Children  (Heinemann & Boynton, 1998), Teachers Judgment Do Count: Assessing Bilingual Students ( Harvard Education Publishing, (1999) and Multiple Intelligences and Portfolios: A Window into the Learner’s Mind (Heinemann, 2003).  Dr. Stefanakis is a graduate of Tufts University and earned a M.S. in Special Education, Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders at Lesley College.  Her CAS and Ed. D. are from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education with a concentration in International Education in Administration, Planning and Social Policy and in Teaching and Learning.  


 Hokling Cheung is the Education Development Officer at City University of Hong Kong where she promotes creative & pedagogical applications of the technology for teaching & learning. She is also a lecturer teaching for the programme, Master of Arts in Communication & New Media.

Hokling has more than ten years’ experience in electronic publishing, multimedia production & e-learning. For more than seven years’ time, she has been training faculties to apply new, effective and pedagogically sound teaching and learning strategies with the use of computing and Internet technologies. She also works with the Chief Information Officer, the Dean of Student Learning, administrative departments for revamping & building the university’s infrastructure and policies for a better learning environment where technology is available and naturally and efficiently integrated.


Born, raised, and having lived in Hong Kong until 1998, David Johnson is now a PhD research student at the Advanced Computing and Emerging Technologies Centre (ACET) at the University of Reading, UK. His research interests include creating cross-device collaborative software and integrating mobile technologies into e-learning scenarios.

In the last year and a half, David has begun investigating using a peer-to-peer approach to creating ePortfolio networks with a view to producing a scalable solution to the EuroPortfolio consortium’s aim of “ePortfolio for all” by the year 2010. Having presented ideas for this approach at the last two ePortfolio Plugfests in Cambridge and Oxford, he also has had a paper published at the 2006 ePortfolio Conference in Oxford reporting on the work in progress.


Fiona Williams has over fifteen years’ experience in the English Language Teaching (ELT) profession. This experience covers teaching all levels of English and English for Special Purposes (ESP), teacher training, materials writing, course designing, testing and assessing, self-access and managing projects and teachers. Her professional qualifications include a BA in Western Arts & Humanities, the RSA CELTA, the RSA DELTA, and an MEd in TEFL.

Fiona currently works full-time as a Senior Tutor at City University of Hong Kong, where she teaches undergraduates on English language enhancement courses and manages a team of teachers. In this position she is also responsible for the Self-Access Centre, an independent learning course and other activities which help students improve their English outside the classroom. In addition she is the principal investigator of an 18 month government funded project on e-portfolios for English language learning.


Vicky Chan obtained the BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Studies in 2006. She joined City University of Hong Kong as a research assistant for the projects of Peer Assistant Learning Scheme and English Language e-Portfolio funded by the Teaching Development Grant in 2005 & 2006 respectively.

Vicky's main contribution is in the technical design of the templates for the English Language Portfolio and individual learning portfolios for each course. She conducted training workshops for students and created animated & textual user guides. She also led a team of student helpers for the support services.

Peter Duffy.jpg

Peter Duffy is an Education Development Officer at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University where he works within the eLearning section. He works there to support staff in the effective integration of technology and promotion of the educational affordances of ICT’s.

Peter’s first ICT experience started in 1990 with a Commodore Amiga. Since then he has during the last 17 years worked within various education settings that have explored the integration of technology. Having been Head of a Department, a recipient of an Apple Educator of Excellence Award and Advanced Skills Teacher he has an ongoing interest in the use of technology within pedagogically sound teaching and learning strategies. He also has a particular interest in the areas of interface design and innovation diffusion.

Peter is currently in the final stages of a PhD dealing with students’ use of the graphic user interface in the creation of art. His most recent publication was (2006) ‘Delivery in the Beyond - possibilities for the use of Blogs, Wikis & RSS in education’ Paper presented at the Online Learning and Teaching Conference, Brisbane Convention Centre, Qld, Australia.

Peter has worked on several large scale institutional level projects within the university setting. The Student Affairs Office ‘Special’ Portfolio being one of the most recent.


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