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The programme offers a lively mix of plenary presentations and open discussion; parallel presentations sessions and workshops. Presenters representing all sectors of education, industry, training organisations, consultancies, professional bodies and associations, awarding bodies, standard-setting organisations and solutions suppliers will invite participants to explore lifelong learning, employability and social innovation.
Conference tracks

ePortfolio 2010 tracks

  • EP1— ePortfolio in healthcare education and practice
  • EP2 — ePortfolio in initial education and personal identity construction
  • EP3 — ePortfolio in employability and organisational learning
  • EP4 — ePortfolio, policies and implementation
  • EP5 — ePortfolio, technologies and system architectures

NB: 20 abstracts and the 5 best papers submitted in track EP1 (ePortfolio in healthcare education and practice) will be published in the International Journal of Clinical Skills

Key Competencies—Skills for Life 2010 tracks

  • KC1 — Key competencies policies
  • KC2 — Key competencies for active citizenship
  • KC3 — Key competencies for employability and economic innovation
  • KC4 — Key competencies development
  • KC5 — Key competencies recognition and accreditation



Call Calendar

Extended deadline

The conference call has now entered into a new phase with an extended deadline for the late submission of contributions:

  • 25 May 2010 - new deadline for the submission of abstracts

Authors must register as soon as they receive the notification of their acceptance.

Original deadline (for the authors who submitted in time):

  • 31 March 2010 – Deadline for the submission of abstracts.
  • 15 Avril 2010 – Notification of acceptance to authors
  • 30 April 2010 – Author registration deadline – to be included in the programme
  • 6 June 2010 – Extended Deadline for receipt of revised abstracts and completed contributions (case-studies, work in progress, short and long papers)