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Regional ePortfolio Track

This year, the regional ePortfolio track has been reinforced, thanks to the support of the Limburg Region. Our objective is to bring together, policy makers and practitioners to explore the current results of regional and territorial policies such as those developed in Wales and Minnesota to discuss the foundations for future regional and national ePortfolio policies and international co-operation.

The regional ePortfolio track will start Wednesday 22 afternoon with a reception to be concluded Friday 24 afternoon with a discussion around a ePortfolio policies.

A special plenary session devoted to the ePortfolio for regions and territories will feature presentations by Professor Norman Longworth Honorary Professor of Lifelong Learning, followed by presentations from Paul Wasko, eFolio Minnesota and Paul Messer, Careers Wales.

The Regional Track will also provide a number of parallel sessions and will be concluded with a session on: Learning Regions using ePortfolio  chaired by Rens de Groot with feedback and vision statements from:

- Jangui le Carpentier, Région Basse Normandie, France
- Norman Longworth, Honorary Professor of Lifelong Learning
- Paul Messer, Wales
- Paul Wasko, Minnesota

More information:

Conference programme

Theo Mensen, Regional ePortfolio track coordinator.

Serge Ravet, Conference director.

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