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Increasing Employability by Introducing e-Portfolio for All in the Netherlands In order to increase employability every member of the labour force in The Netherlands will be entitled to a digital e-portfolio. This is one of the key recommendations of the Dutch Committee on Labour Market Participation in "Towards a future that works" (June 2008).
Towards a Future that Works (PDF) Main Recommendations - Committee on Labour Market Participation (The Netherlands) - 16 June 2008 : Digital e-portfolio. Every member of the labour force will be entitled to a digital e-portfolio, i.e. an electronic inventory of their competencies, diplomas, experience, and accreditation of prior learning (APL). This will give people a better understanding of their position on the labour market and their career prospects, and of any need they have for further training.
Regional ePortfolio Track This year, the regional ePortfolio track has been reinforced, thanks to the support of the Limburg Region. Our objective is to bring together, policy makers and practitioners to explore the current results of regional and territorial policies such as those developed in Wales and Minnesota to discuss the foundations for future regional and national ePortfolio policies and international co-operation.
Learning Forum London One event, three conferences! Learning Forum London offers for the first time three complementary events: the 7th International ePortfolio conference, Key Competencies—Skills for Life and Learning Networks & Communities.
The European Year of Creativity and Innovation
2009 has been declared the European Year of Creativity and Innovation.
The modern world puts emphasis on better use of knowledge and rapid innovation. It therefore requires a broadening of the creative skills base involving the whole population. In particular, there is a need for skills and competences that enable people to embrace change as an opportunity and to be open to new ideas in a culturally diverse, knowledge-based society. Education and training are determining factors in this.
The European Year of Innovation and Creativity is proposed as a cross-cutting initiative covering not only education and culture, but also other policy domains such as enterprise, media, research, social and regional policy and rural development.
Learning Forum London, 22-24 June 2009

This year's event main theme is "Innovation, Creativity and Accountability." It will be addressed over three days and three conferences:


  • ePortfolio 2009 (7th international conference)
  • Key Competencies—Skills for Life 2009 (3rd international conference)
  • Learning Networks and Communities (4th international conference—previously Learning Regions & Cities)

Call for contributions (open)

Each conference has its own call for contributions and the final tracks will be organised according to the nature of the contributions received.

Conference Themes & Issues

How do we promote innovation and creativity? Why is accountability so often perceived as antonymic to innovation and is there a way to account for innovation and creativity? Does accountability necessarily lead to standardised tests, rigid procedures and impoverished practice? What new approaches to the recognition and celebration of achievement are being developed and implemented? Can technology provide a seamless environment between creative and innovative practice and accountability—for example ‘creative’ individual ePortfolios and ‘accountable’ organisational ePortfolios designed for quality assurance? How are learning networks and communities encouraging new approaches to the way we learn, work and live?

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Exhibition & sponsorship

Coffee breaks and lunches are provided in the exhibition area to provide plenty meeting opportunities. If you are interested in an exhibition space or sponsorship package, please contact Angela Harrison.

Social Dinner


Tuesday 23 June, a social dinner will provide the opportunity for further networking in a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere!


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