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Events Newsflash May 2009 (2)

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The Learning Forum London: ePortfolio 2009, Key Competencies, Skills for life, Learning Networks and Communities.


 Events Newsflash May 2009

ePortfolio 2009 — Learning Forum London

ePortfolio 2009 — Learning Forum London

Towards MultiplePortfolio Organisations?

Learning Forum London Update

txttools for an Interactive Conference!

Partner Events

The International Conference on the potential of ePortfolios in Higher Education, July 2, Vienna, Austria.

The World of Learning Conference & Exhibition, September 30 & October 1, Birmingham, UK.


Towards MultiplePortfolio Organisations?


When planning the implementation of an ePortfolio in an organisation, one of the very first questions is: what ePortfolio platform should we choose? Then, at a later stage of ePortfolio penetration in a sector or a country : what will happen to the people who already have an ePortfolio? For example, a member of EIfEL who needs to demonstrate his or her continuing professional development with an ePortfolio can also be a member of the Institute for Learning (IfL) and already use REFLECT (based on PebblePad), work at a college using eXact Portfolio to support teaching and Multi-Port to support the delivery of NVQs, while having children attending a school equipped with Mahara (just to mention the names of the conference sponsors).

Do organisations really have to choose and staff can select their own system possible? What would be the advantages (foster innovation?) and disadvantages (administration nightmare?) of such an approach? What would be the requirements in terms of ePortfolio interoperability?

In order to contribute actively to the design of state of the art interoperability solutions, EIfEL has decided to become a MultiplePortfolio (MeP) organisation, i.e. an organisation where each of our members will be able to chose their own ePortfolio platform while still being able to fully interact with the organisation and their peers to support their continuing professional development and recognition as professional members of the learning community. In doing so, EIfEL aims at being a life testbed, a benchmark for interoperability.

Committed to becoming a fully functional MultiplePortfolio organisation, EIfEL will work with all the ePortfolio and learning technology publishers and providers to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of an interoperability framework where individuals are free to chose the components of their own ePortfolio system while being capable of interacting with a number of different institutions across time, (diachronic interoperability), and space, (synchronic interoperability). A MultiplePortfolio approach is a necessity to territorial approaches, i.e. to the implementation of systems working across multiple institutions within a city, a district, a region or a state.

EIfEL’s MultiplePortfolio environment will be dedicated to supporting the continuing professional development (CPD) of our members validated through peer review of their CPD ePortfolio. Reviewing other members' CPD portfolio's is part of our members’ own professional development to demonstrate assessment skills and gain an opportunity to explore a range of different professional practices.

The MultiplePortfolio initiative will be launched during Learning Forum London, the International ePortfolio conference, 22-24 June 2009. Demonstrations will be made during ePortfolio plugfest and participants will be invited to contribute their reflections to this ambitious and challenging project.


ePortfolio 2009 - Learning Forum London


Conference programme

The programme of the conference is now finalised and we are pleased to report that we now have participants from 21 countries, from Australia to Canada. Bring your colleagues to join us in this unique event to discuss the hottest topics in the field of education, lifelong learning and employment.

Keynote speakers


We have the pleasure to welcome Martin Owen who is currently working on, a service which provides the opportunity to get ideas and inspiration about what's out there in the working world, through hundreds of real people, in real jobs, sharing their career stories. It is an innovative process of combining life narrative and personal development.

Martin is also developing unique playful, tangible devices for early learning with his own company Smalti. He is also working as an independent researcher in technology enhanced learning with particular emphasis on games, mobility and augmented reality. He was the initial Director of Learning and Head of Concept Development at Futurelab. Previously he was an academic researcher and teacher trainer at University of Wales, Bangor. He has also been a school teacher.

Learning Forum London Sponsors

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Guinti Labs joins Learning Forum London as Gold sponsor

Giunti Labs S.r.l

Giunti Labs, Giunti Publishing Group´s learning solution and new media company, supports strategic innovation in content creation, management and delivery processes within knowledge and learning organisations. With its roots in publishing in Florence during the Renaissance, Giunti has always been one of the leading and most innovative players in educational and cultural publishing fields in Europe, continually exploiting technology for new publishing models and formats.

Visit our Sponsors and Exhibitors

Institute for Learning
My Knowledge Map
Giunti Labs S.r.l
Centre for International ePortfolio Development
JISC infoNet
Learning and Skills Improvement Service

txttools for an Interactive Conference!

Thanks to a partnership with txttools, you will be able to use your mobile phone to get the best out of Learning Forum London 2009. The audience participation conferencetxt facility will enable you to send and receive texts before, during and after the presentations.

Your questions or contributions will either be answered live during the conference or later – and if you think of something you wished you had asked – you still can, by texting your question within 2 weeks of the conference end date. You will remain anonymous unless you choose to add your name to your text message.

At this stage, we would like to invite you to suggest hot topics and questions you may want to be addressed during the conference.

By sending a question, a topic or even a blank message, (with at least LFL as keyword), your number will be memorised and you will be able to receive instant messages regarding the conference. All numbers will be deleted from the application after the event.

Have your say! We want to hear from you!


Partner Events

The International Conference on the Potential of ePortfolios in Higher Education, July 2, Vienna, Austria

July 2nd, 2009, the University of Economics and Business, Vienna, Austria welcomes the International Conference on the Potential of ePortfolios in Higher Education. Its focus is on strategies for E-Portfolio implementations at Universities and its implications for Lifelong Learning.

On occasion of the results of two national research projects on E-Portfolio implementations at Universities funded by the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research, the conference puts the following issues into the center of discussion:

- implementation models and case studies;

- international experiences;

- data security and protection;

- the acknowledgement of prior learning;

- didactic implications and;

- interoperability of software systems.
The conference is directed towards decision and policy makers at university and governmental levels, academic teachers, trainers and tutors as well as the scientific community.

The World of Learning Conference & Exhibition, September 30 & October 1, Birmingham, UK

World of learning

EIfEL will be present at World of Learning Conference & Exhibition : -

The World of Learning Conference & Exhibition is a premier event, dedicated to providing learning and development professionals with the latest in business learning solutions and services. Featuring the UK’s leading training suppliers and training venues, a highly respected conference, educational seminars and workshops and interactive feature areas, the event provides a complete blend of learning products, solutions and ideas. The World of Learning is a national event taking place in Birmingham.

The World of Learning Conference is a must for anyone with high level responsibility for training and learning, in particular:

* L&D/Training Managers/Directors
* HR Managers/Directors
* e-Learning Managers/Directors
* IT Training Managers/Directors
* Directors
* Managing Directors
* CEOs
* Principals

World of Learning Awards will be delivered on 30 September 2009.


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