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Events Newsflash May 2009

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The Learning Forum London: ePortfolio 2009, Key Competencies, Skills for life, Learning Networks and Communities.


 Events Newsflash May 2009

ePortfolio 2009 — Learning Forum London

High Demands lead to Early bird Extension : 8 May!

Spotlight on speakers, sponsors & social schedules

ePortfolio 2009 — Learning Forum London


Programme update

Keynote speakers



Spotlight on speakers, sponsors & social schedule      

ePortfolio 2009 - Learning Forum


Programme update

The programme has been updated with 50 more presentations added:

Keynote speakers


Lifelong ePortfolios: Creating your Digital Self - Helen Barrett recently retired from the faculty of the College of Education at the University of Alaska Anchorage and is living in the Seattle area. She has been researching strategies and technologies for electronic portfolios since 1991, publishing a website (



ePortfolio for eCPD - Lee Davies joined the Institute for Learning (IfL) in August 2005 and is responsible for leading the implementation of professionalisation reforms in the further education sector, including conferral of Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status.

Before joining IfL, he was district secretary of the Workers' Educational Association (WEA), Thames & Solent District, and carried national responsibility for educational strategy.


Personalisation through technology-enhanced learning - Grainne Conole, Open University (UK), Grainne joined IET as chair of e-learning in April 2006. Previously she was Professor of Educational Innovation in Post-Compulsory Education at the University of Southampton. She has research interests in the use, integration and evaluation of Information and Communication Technologies and e-learning and impact on organisational change.


Skills Based Learning personalization - Fabrizio Cardinali, Chair of ELIG (European eLearning industry Group) and CEO of Giunti Labs. Fabrizio heads up one of Europe's leading companies in eLearning research and development and standardisation activities with more than 30 active R&D Projects in the field of eLearning future, content management and 3rd generation publishing devices and more than 100 bespoke projects for European leading Corporations, Universities and Public Bodies.

ninnocent.jpgInspiring Learning: a framework that can help you describe and evidence the impact of creativity - Natasha Innocent is the senior policy adviser learning and skills at MLA. Her role is to work across government departments and other strategic agencies to champion the role that museums, libraries and archives can play in supporting learning and skills policy priorities.


E-portfolio values - Simon Grant is an independent professional working in the e-portfolio area, and the joint coordinator of the JISC-CETIS Portfolio Special Interest Group. Previously a teacher, then a lecturer in human-computer interaction, from 1997 he pioneered the conceptual architecture for the development of the University of Liverpool's LUSID PDP system.


Portfolio A Modern Discourse! - Niels Henrik Helms  works at the University of Southern Denmark as an associate professor in media studies and as director of Knowledge Lab ( a research centre. He has a longstanding track record of research and development work in ICT and learning. His main focus is on the relationship between media, learning and innovation.


Ready or not, the Personal Learning Environment is coming with the ePortfolio Process as the Keystone - John Pallister works at Wolsingham School and Community College and is an advocate of ePortfolio practice and Personal Learning and Thinking Skills.


In addition to parallel sessions, a number of workshops are offered this year to address in depth a number of issues:

  • ePortfolio workshop: Your Digital Self —Web 2.0 as Personal Learning
  • CPD in Action: Making e-portfolios mobile
  • Developing teachers through personalised learning and e-portfolios

  • Exploring the LaGuardia Community College Experience

  • Multiple Intelligences, Multiple Languages, and Portfolios: A Window into The Learners’Mind and Abilities

  • Transforming organisations through personalised learning

  • Assessment Renaissance: Writing Learning Statements and Rubrics that Yield Actionable Data

  • Using REfLECT in the teacher education classroom: developing a blended learning strategy

  • ePortfolios – The Cornerstone of Personalised Learning

  • e-portfolio development at the Royal College of Nursing

  • ePortfolio and Employability: Social & Professional Integration of Internationally Trained Learners

  • ePortfolio Best Practices for Teachers and Students: Launching a large scale ePortfolio program while encouraging, not stifling, student creativity and innovation by Cyri Jones

  • Creating sustainable National/institutional wide e-portfolio development

  • The Personalisation of Learning Framework

  • Constructing Professional Identity in Senior Capstone Seminars

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Registration Early bird extended 8 May!!

Due to a sudden rush of last minute demands, the early bird registration has been extended until 8th May. Please be quick in order to secure your discounted registration fee!

To register:


Late submissions

It is still possible to submit a late contribution, (after the orginal fixed date of 15th April). These will be placed in the 'late submission track' and their selection will depend on the need for and / or availability of extra parallel sessions. If you have a late submission in the sectors of health care or schools please submit them now!

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