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Events Newsflash March 2009

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The Learning Forum London: ePortfolio 2009, Key Competencies, Skills for life, Learning Networks and Communities.


 Events Newsflash March 2009

ePortfolio 2009 — Learning Forum London

Call for contributions extended deadline April 15th

Spotlight on speakers, sponsors & social schedules






ePortfolio 2009 — Learning Forum London

ePortfolio 2.0 – second generation toolsets

We're very pleased to announce the appearance of Dr Helen Barrett as keynote speaker on the impact of Web 2.0 on ePortfolio developments in US education.

Vertical Market Review - ePortfolio in Healthcare

Hear from a UK e-Government National Awards finalist on a home-spun web-based e-portfolio system that will soon support nearly every trainee doctor in the UK.

A lesson in next generation learning

Pick up latest insights from pioneering PebblePad practioners.

Supplier snapshot: Stoas brings Giunti’s eXact to Holland

Joint support of the popular e-learning authoring system hits the region

Latest on the Conference social schedule

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Spotlight on speakers, sponsors & social schedule      

ePortfolio 2009 - Learning Forum


ePortfolio 2.0 – second generation toolsets

“I've been getting more requests for my recommendations on software for ePortfolios” says Dr Helen Barrett, the renowed ePortfolio researcher and consultant.  Her response: "It depends!" she quips. Barrett has long been an advocate of using common tools to build electronic portfolios, and is a strong proponent of new Web 2.0  powered solutions, one of the topics the Seattle-based expert will explore next month in London as she addresses ePortfolio 2009. 

She recommends a variety of tools to create student-centered portfolios: WordPress MU (a multi-user blog with pages you host on your own server), GoogleApps for Education, and a range of Wikis. But she cautions in her blog

The first question to ask is not about what tool to use, but rather: "What is your purpose for having your students develop an e-portfolio?" A clear description of the purpose should then drive the selection of appropriate tools. [Yes, plural... integrate multiple tools into the process.] 

“Do you want a student-centered ePortfolio that is the student's story of their own learning, or do you want a system to collect data about student achievement for an external audience (accreditation, accountability)? These are the extreme ends along a continuum, but also the major debate in the field today. In my opinion, if you say you want to do both, then pick two different tools, because when these two functions are combined within the same system, data collection/management tends to depress creativity and personal expression in student portfolios. Hear more from Helen next month...

ePortfolio world - High-performing healthcare hubs 

A home-spun web-based e-portfolio system that started out as an in-house pilot project for Scottish trainee doctors, is be expanded across the NHS to support nearly every trainee doctor in the UK. The NHS Education for Scotland (NES) e-Portfolio is a web-based system that supports assessment, reflective practice and competency development for a rapidly expanding range of health professionals across the NHS. One of the finalists in the UK e-Government National Awards, the project delivers messaging, alert systems and all the curricula tools that trainee doctors should need throughout their career. UK healthcare is carving a new direction with e-Portfolio...

  • Voice of nursing across the UK  the Royal College of Nurses (RCN) is recognised as one of the ePortfolio pioneers since the launch in 2002 of Learning Zone, an environment used to support continuing professional development of its members and the preparation of PREP profiles for the Nursing and Midwifery Council re-registration.
  • Royal College of Ophtalmologists offers an ePortfolio to trainees and doctors taking in a log book of experiences/procedures/clinics, and a CPD diary.
  • The Pan-Surgical Electronic Logbook (or ePortfolio) supports surgeons of all grades and all specialties in the United Kingdom and Ireland with the capability to record CPD’s and in the near future the potential to provide reports in support of re-validation and re-certification.

A lesson in next-generation learning

Websites like Bebo, MySpace and YouTube have become part of the social fabric  among the generation that has grown up with the internet, as way to keep a record of personal interests, showcase talents and share news and information with peers. e-Portfolio systems like those of Gold sponsor PebblePad Learning Ltd are bringing together the worlds of Web 2.0 and higher education to deliver the kind of tool that today’s students have come to expect. At the University of Wolverhampton, every student and every member of staff has been using PebblePad since June 2005 to store all the information that relates to their learning experiences. The company and other PebblePad practioners will share their insights during the conference.

Supplier snapshot: Stoas Learning brings Giunti’s eXact to Holland

Learning and mobile content management system provider Giunti Labs is to team up with Stoas Learning, the Netherlands-based digital learning specialist, to support use of the popular e-learning authoring system in the region. Ed Botterweg CEO of Stoas Learning said Giunti’s eXact system was highly regarded for the way users can “easily push content from a single source that’s accessible via a web interface to a wide variety of platforms including Moodle, Sakai and Blackboard.” 

And finally...

Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) has launched its new eCPD Programme, designed to improve and enhance teaching and learning through effective use of technology. Toni Fazaeli, chief executive of the Institute for Learning (IfL) commented, "eCPD fits with our REfLECT eportfolio and will be useful in encouraging our members to use new technology effectively". An online learning space has been developed with Becta, IfL, LSIS and others to help practitioners to plan their 30 hours or pro rata annual continuing professional development that’s required.

Lee Davies, IfL Deputy Chief Executive will give a keynote address at the conference.


Sponsor Supplements - Platinum, Gold and Silver Supporters

Did you know?

  • Over 26,000 IfL members are using REfLECT to support their CPD
  •  REfLECT is one of the most widely used personal learning spaces in Europe
  •  REfLECT is rapidly becoming the focus of international academic attention
  • REfLECT has been featured in a number of national and international research conferences
  • REfLECT is accessible on mobile devices 














Institute for Learning —Platinum Sponsor

With more than 180,000 members (as at the end of January 2009), the Institute for Learning (IfL) is the professional body for teachers, trainers and assessors across further education (FE), including adult and community learning, emergency and public services, FE colleges, the armed services, the voluntary sector and work-based learning.

Wth Becta, LSIS and other representatives from the whole FE sector, IfL has developed REFLECT, an online personal learning space for its members to support the delivery of the Programme, and to help practitioners to plan their 30 hours or pro rata annual continuing professional development, as required by the Institute for Learning. Link

PebblePad —Gold Sponsor

PebblePad is a Personal Learning System being used in learning contexts as diverse as schools, colleges, universities and professional bodies; by learners, teachers and assessors for Personal Development Planning, Continuing Professional Development, learning and training. PebblePad supports personal learning whilst providing a powerful suite of tools to improve learning in institutional contexts. Conversation, communication and collaboration is easy in PebblePad; items can be shared with trusted individuals, published to group pages or made public to the world-wide web. Link

Mahara / Flexible Learning Network Ltd —Silver Sponsor

Mahara is a free and open source ePortfolio system first developed via collaboration in the education community in New Zealand.  Mahara is learner centred – a form of Personal Learning Environment, with social networking and the capability to form groups and group portfolios. Pan-sector learner communities can be supported using Mahara and there is seamless single sign-on with Moodle out of the box. eLearning specialists, Flexible Learning Network, and open source developers, Catalyst IT, lead the open source Mahara community project. Link

The Flexible Learning Network brings together a group of highly talented individuals recognised for their expertise, innovation and leadership in delivering flexible learning solutions. Richard Wyles, co-founder has helped guide the direction of Mahara since its inception as a Massey University led project starting in 2006. Link 

Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are now available:


 Reminder! Call for contributions extended until 15 April


The call for contribution is extended un 15 April. The authors who have submitted before 16 March will be notified as initially planned. 

  • 16 March 15 April 2009 – Extended deadline for receipt of submissions (between 500 and 750 words)
  • 30 March 2009 – Notification of acceptance to authors (30 April for extended deadline)
  • 17 April 2009 – Author registration deadline—to be included in the programme (1 May for extended deadline)
  • 15 May 2009 – Deadline for receipt of revised abstracts and papers.


To submit a contribution:


 NIACE Partner of Key Competencies-Skills for Life


Advancing the case for adult learning in public policy and debate lies at the heart of NIACE's purpose. With its advocacy work NIACE influences and persuades others that improving, increasing and extending opportunities for adults to learn throughout their lives, has real public as well as private benefits.

A central part of NIACE advocacy strategy involves responses to consultations and calls for evidence issued by Government departments, committees, enquiries and other organisations. These are tailored to our diverse audience.

NIACE also runs a number of high profile campaigns, to raise the demand for learning and skills in England and to celebrate outstanding learning achievements. NIACE also run a range of events and training courses to support the interests of adult learners in different contexts.



 Social Schedule - A taste of London lifestyle

 Punch Tavern

One must-attend diary date!

8pm Tuesday 23 June  Jazz, chat and dinner for a taste of London lifestyle 

The Punch Tavern, 99 Fleet Street, 10 minutes stroll from the conference centre.



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