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iClass Symposium: "When the Virtual Meets Virtue: From e-Learning to e- Education"

The symposium is aimed at: • Presenting the outline of iClass R&D process, and discussing and criticizing it. • Presenting the products resulting form iClass R&D process - the integrative "package" of educational vision, pedagogical model, methodologies and platform - and examining its relevance to various learning contexts in various European countries

When May 26, 2008 09:00 AM to
May 27, 2008 05:00 PM
Where Brussels
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Contact Phone +32 2 536 47 39
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As information and communication technologies (ICTs) revolutionize virtually every aspect of personal and communal life (in education, economics, politics and so forth), two seemingly adversarial views collide in response to their affects: enthusiasts vs. dooms day prophets. While the former see the ICT revolution and its affects as the epitome of progress,
as promoting the democratization of society, and as enhancing positive human development and productive learning, the latter see it as threatening society's most basic fabric, leading to social anomy, the disintegration of the self, the reduction of language and cognitive abilities, and as creating superficial forms of communication and learning. In what often appears to be a mute dialogue, the two sides are unable to find common ground.

In order to adapt education and learning in European societies to the challenges of the 21st century, educational thought has to disconnect itself from thinking framework of 20th century educational systems: the rigid divide between formal/structured learning and informal/open learning; between school learning and education, and lifelong learning, and even higher education; between learning and human development (i.e., education); between the various
disciplines; between formal learning and solving authentic real life problems; between learning and evaluation; between the book oriented language and modes of thinking and communication of the school, and the digital language and modes of thinking of their young "clients", etc. These issues have to be addressed in the framework of pedagogical thinking
and R&D in the area of TEL.       

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