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EIfEL Events Newsflash September 2007

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EIfEL announces a workshop on Active identity.


 EIfEL Events Newsflash

ePortfolio 2007 & HCSIT

In Brief



  • Conference Programme now available
  • ePortfolio Plugfest: towards ePortfolio interoperability
  • ePortfolio 2007 workshops
  • Healthcare SIG meeting
  • Workshop announcement for Active Identities programme
  • Gala dinner
  • HCSIT Summit – HR Technologies speakers
  • Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities


 HCSIT Sponsors and Exhibitors   Winvision logo.jpg

Gold Sponsor


Silver Sponsor

Conference Programme now available


The programme for ePortfolio 2007 and HCSIT is now available at

Over 200 participants from 20 countries have so far registered to join us in Maastricht, a splendid city offering excellent facilities. The programme offers a lively mix of plenary presentations and open discussion; parallel presentations sessions and workshops devoted to specific aspects of ePortfolio implementation. Sponsors and exhibitors will offer an insight into state of the art portfolio technology.

Presenters representing all sectors of education, industry, training organisations, consultancies, professional bodies and associations, awarding bodies, standard-setting organisations and ePortfolio solutions suppliers will invite participants to explore the use of the ePortfolio to promote lifelong learning and employability.

Keynote speakers Rens de Groot from the CWI and Rene De Heij from Nedcar, the Netherlands, will share their experiences of using the ePortfolio for job-seeking and competence-management. Stuart Cable of the Royal College of Nursing in the UK, will launch one of the Conference’s special focuses – the ePortfolio in the healthcare sector – by presenting its implementation for nurses. The use of ePortfolio for professional development at the Open University, UK, will be the theme of Robin Mason’s presentation, while Darren Cambridge from George Mason University, USA, will explore the implications of developing an employability ePortfolio.

Participants will be invited to discuss these themes with the keynotes and will be able to choose among a varied selection of parallel sessions. The key theme, the use of ePortfolios for employability is the subject of sessions devoted to continuing professional development, accreditation of prior learning and achievement, key skills, mobility and transition and healthcare. The challenges of implementation of ePortfolios in higher education are explored in several sessions focusing on such issues as the choice of solution and organisational and pedagogical success factors. ePortfolios and assessment will be considered in a variety of contexts. This year’s event reflects the broadening scope of ePortfolio activities, with sessions on the ePortfolio and digital identity and on personal and organisational environments. Those interested in ePortfolio solutions will be able to attend sessions on technologies. There will also be a workshop presenting an international perspective on the take-up of ePortfolios.

 To register:

ePortfolio Plugfest: towards ePortfolio interoperability


The objective of this year's Plugfest on 17 October is to support the efforts of publishers and users of information systems in the creation and implementation of interoperable technologies for the benefit of learning individuals and learning organisations.

In order to achieve this objective, publishers of ePortfolios and ePortfolio-related systems will demonstrate how their solutions support a series of scenarios and use cases requiring that different systems talk together. Users and implementers of technologies, the clients of these publishers, will have the opportunity to explore real life scenarios, and challenge the publishers with their own requirements.

Among the standards explored during the event:

  • IMS ePortfolio
  • Europortfolio
  • HR-XML (Candidate, Competency assessment)
  • Europass CV
  • IEEE RDC (Competency)
  • Microformats (hResume)
  • RSS, Atom
  • Liberty Alliance federation of identities and web services framework (including draft of new HR service)
  • Open ID

Based on the successes and problems experienced during the day, recommendations to standardisation bodies will be published as well as guidelines for the implementation of standards for the publishers.
The publishers who participate in the Plugfest will receive a certificate recognising their contribution to interoperability.
The plugfest is organised in partnership with Kennisnet.

If you would like to participate, please contact Marc Van Coillie:

More information at:


 ePortfolio workshops - 17 October

  Participants are invited to attend specialised workshops on the ePortfolio. Internationally-renowned ePortfolio experts Helen Barrett and Evangeline Stefanakis will be running masterclasses on 17 October on lifelong/lifewide applications of ePortfolios; digital stories and archives and multiple intelligences. Winvision, Gold Sponsor of the event, will be running a workshop on building an ePortfolio system for the future. Participant will learn how to build a ‘unified’ portfolio system that enables development-, assessment- and presentation portfolios, as well as the ‘ePortfolio 2.0’ (social) concept.

These workshops will provide an opportunity to focus on key aspects of current work in the area and will be an excellent introduction to the Conference.

Healthcare SIG Meeting at Maastricht 

A reminder that the first meeting of the international Healthcare ePortfolio Special Interest Group (SIG) will take place at the MECC on 17 October from 16:00 to 18:00 and is open to all interested healthcare professionals. The aim of the meeting is to review current use of the ePortfolio in the healthcare sector and to agree future activities.

If you would like to participate, please contact Maureen Layte:

See the healthcare track leaflet for a more detailed discussion of the issues at

Workshop announcement for Active Identities programme

Human Capital and Social Innovation Technology Summit In a context of mobility, ambient intelligence as well as increasingly complex and evolving digital value chains, the individual becomes the central point of convergence for digital networks and services. Digital Identities, their nature, formation, assertion, negotiation, defence and use, is therefore one of the most challenging issues of the coming years.

The "Active Identities" programme that will be launched during the Maastricht conference focuses on the opportunities that digital identities provide for individuals and organizations, while not losing sight of risks and threats. We will be looking at identity as a resource, a means for individuals to control their life and, for organizations a source of innovation and value creation.

Open questions

  • How do individual strategies for asserting and representing one's identity/ies evolve on today's Internet?
  • What forms of identity representation emerge as structuring tools for social and other interactions?
  • What innovative tools, technologies and services could empower individuals with better means to control, express, disclose and/or protect their identity and privacy?
  • What kinds of mediators could emerge in this field?
  • What implications could these changes have for social relationships, trust, commerce...?

Organization of the workshop

  • Launching session: Introduction to the different aspects (characteristics, statement, evolution) of the central topics by three or four short presentations followed by a discussion session on the main issues.
  • Short parallel workshops: Work in small groups on highlighted topics stemming from the discussion.
  • Final session: Feedback, workshop reports, areas for future work.

 Gala Dinner


Join us for a taste of Maastricht history at La Bonbonnière, one of the most famous buildings of Maastricht. This venue, which used to be a city theatre, takes you back in the 18th century. For over 200 years la Bonbonnière has been the social and cultural centre for the people of Maastricht.

The gala dinner will be the occasion for the presentation of the Conference Best Submissions Awards. Prizes of 1,500€ each will be awarded to the authors of the best submissions for:

  • ePortfolio 2007 - best paper in the academic track
  • ePortfolio 2007- best contribution in the practitioner track
  • HCSIT – best contribution to the Summit as a whole

HR Technologies  speakers (17 October)

 HR-XML Europe We have pleasure in announcing the first speakers at the first Human Capital and Social Innovation Technology Summit:
  • Luk Vervenne, CEO Synergetics – employability
  • Joseph Alhadeff, CPO Oracle – Privacy/identity management trends
  • Chuck Allen, HR-XML director – HR-XML 3.0
  • Alex Charles, TheSkillsMarket CTO
  • Dr. Ir. Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers – HR and Semantics
  • Ingolf Teetz, Milch & zucker, Managing Director – SEP/Web Services
  • Erik Volmer, TNO (To be confirmed)
The Summit is supported by HR XML, the leading body for HR systems standardisation.

Human Capital and Social Innovation Technology

  The whole event will run from 16-19 October and comprise:
  • ePortfolio 2007 (17-19 October) with an ePortfolio plugfest and a series of pre-conference and conference workshops
  • Digital Identity and Privacy 2007 (16-17 October)
  • HR Technologies 2007 (17 October)
  • Ontology Outreach Advisory
It is possible to attend any of these events separately or to combine them.

Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities

  It is still possible to sponsor the Summit or to take an exhibition stand. Please see -
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