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EIfEL Events Newsflash August 2007

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EIfEL announces a special healthcare track during HCSIT and ePortfolio 2007.


 EIfEL Events Newsflash

HCSIT and ePortfolio 2007

In Brief


  • Earlybird rate available until 31 August
  • Keynote speakers confirmed
  • Healthcare SIG meeting
  • A range of workshops offered for ePortfolio 2007
  • ePortfolio masterclasses to be held on 17 October
  • HR-XML workshop includes key figures
The review process of the submissions received for the ePortfolio conference and the HCSIT Summit is almost complete.  The first draft programme will be available at the beginning of next week.
Employability, the theme of the 5th international ePortfolio Conference is an issue that concerns all sectors of education and training and has been addressed in a number of interesting and innovative ways, from school practice to higher education and the world of work. Many exciting initiatives and projects have been developed since the last conference at Oxford.
This year's conference will also address the role of ePortfolios from a wider point of view: privacy, trust, authentification as well as human ressource systems will be explored during the  Human Capital and Social Innovation Summit that enlarges the scope of the 'traditional' international ePortfolio conference.
The Summit will run from 16-19 October and comprise

  • ePortfolio 2007 (17-19 October) with an ePortfolio plugfest and a series of workshops
  • Digital Identity and Privacy 2007 (16-17 October)
  • HR Technologies 2007 (17 October)
It is possible to attend any of these events separately or to combine them. 

Earlybird rate available until 31 August

  Register by 31 August and benefit from the earlybird reduction. Further discounts are also available for EIfEL members and for additional delegates.

Conference and Summit keynote speakers

HCSIT A number of keynotes have confirmed their participation in the ePortfolio conference and the Summit.
  • Rens de Groot, President, CWI, will present the vision of the Dutch public employment service on ePortfolio for employment.
  • Rene De Heij - General Manager Final Assembly, BMW Netherlands, will present the Nedcar experience with ePortfolio at regional level for employability in the auto industry.
  • Jacques Bus, Head of Unit, European Commission, DG Information Society and Media "ICT for Trust and Security" will present the vision of the European Commission on the issue of privacy and trust, two critical issues for the future development of ePortfolio in Europe.
  • Darren Cambridge, George Mason University, EPAC Co-facilitator, USA, will explore the implications of developing an employability ePortfolio
  • Robin Mason, Professor of Educational Technology at the Open University, UK will share with us the experience of the Open University in the implementation of ePortfolio.
  • Stuart Cable, Senior Lifelong Learning Fellow, Royal College of Nursing, UK will explain why the largest professional body in Europen (350,000 members) has chosen the ePortfolio for the professional development and re-accreditation of nurses.

Healthcare SIG Meeting at Maastricht

"The vision for the future of health care starts with the premise that consumers should own their own total personal health and wellness data and that only consumers, not insurers, not the government, not employers and not even doctors, but only consumers should have complete control over how it is used," declared Adam Bosworth, Google Vice- President, in a speech to the 2007 AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association) Spring Congress.
Join the EIfEL SIG Healthcare meeting at Maastricht, 17 October 2007.
The revolution in who controls personal health records is already affecting the way healthcare professionals and institutions operate and transforming their relationship with patients. At the same time, digital technology is modifying the management and exploitation of data to improve the quality of diagnosis and services.
What is happening in the field of healthcare with personal health records (PHR)  is  very similar to what is currently happening in the field of education and employment: the ePortfolio, as personal learning record or personal employment record, will impact the way individual and organisational learning is organised and managed.
And a number of issues are common:
  • ownership - who owns my personal data
  • exploitation -- how I and others can use personal data for my own benefit
  • privacy -- how can I control who does what with  my personal data
  • purpose - medical (when I'm ill) vs health records (something I keep proactively), personal development vs high stake assessment
  • organisational management of PHR and ePortfolios
  • sharing personal data across communities of patients, learners and professionals
With the creation of a SIG healthcare, our goal is to explore the connections between the different dimensions of digital identity - citizen, patient, learner, professional, etc. - in terms of transformation of pract pratice, innovation of technology and personal control over one's digital identity.
The first meeting of the international Healtchcare SIG will take place at MECC, Maastricht, 17 October 2007, from 16:00 to 18:00. All interested healthcare professionals are welcome to attend.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Maureen Layte:

See the healthcare track leaflet for a more detailed discussion of the issues

 ePortfolio Workshops

  This year’s ePortfolio Conference will see an increased number of workshops devoted to a specific theme and enabling increased interaction between animators and participants. Workshops currently in the planning stage include:
  • personal and organisational learning environments
  • ePortfolios in healthcare
  • enhancing employability for older workers;
  • key competencies
  • state of the art from an international perspective.
For more information:

 Pre-conference ePortfolio Masterclasses

 Internationally-renowned ePortfolio experts Helen Barrett and Evangeline Stefanakis will be running pre-conference masterclasses on 17 October on the following themes:
  • Lifelong/lifewide applications of ePortfolios
  • Digital stories/personal-history-legacy/digital-archive-for-life
  • Multiple intelligences and a window into the learner's mind
This will provide an opportunity to focus on key aspects of current work in the area and will be an excellent introduction to the Conference.

Winvision pre-conference workshop: Featuring the Winvision Digital Portfolio and a new type of learning environment. Join us!

17 October

 Winvision logo.jpg During this workshop we will show you the ePortfolio system for the future as part of a real alternative for proprietary learning environments.
When an educational organization wants to implement an ePortfolio, a large number of complex choices need to be made. For example: will students be free to design their own portfolio from scratch, or will the system provide a structure to fill in? When associating competences with a piece of evidence, do they enter these themselves or do they need to be selected from a database of standard competences? Will the assessor provide a direct assessment on competences, or will assessment be done on criteria with the system computing the resulting competence status?
There are many different perspectives and stakeholders around an ePortfolio: coaches, lecturers, students, assessors and school-administrators. For a successful design and implementation, it is imperative that the correct perspective is chosen as the starting point. During our workshop there will be plenty of opportunties to discuss these topics.
For the development of our next-generation ePortfolio, we chose the student’s perspective as starting point. It has to be our goal to facilitate the educational and personal development of the student first, before focusing on other additional aspects. Why? The reason is that if the students are not helped, empowered and made enthusiastic about the system, they will simply not use it.
By putting the creative process of the student first, and by choosing the powerful platform that is Microsoft SharePoint 2007, it is possible to build a ‘unified’ portfolio system that enables development-, assessment- and presentation portfolios, as well as the ‘ePortfolio 2.0’ (social) concept.
Winvision, Gold Sponsor of HCSIT, hopes to welcome you to our workshop! For more information about us and our digital portfolio please see
  We have the pleasure to announce the first speakers at the first Human Capital and Social Innovation Technology Summit:
  • Luk Vervenne, CEO Synergetics – employability
  • Joseph Alhadeff, CPO Oracle – Privacy/identity management trends
  • Chuck Allen, HR-XML director – HR-XML 3.0
  • Alex Charles, TheSkillsMarket CTO
  • Dr. Ir. Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers – HR and Semantics
  • Ingolf Teetz, ilch & zucker, Managing Director – SEP/Web Services
  • Erik Volmer, TNO (To be confirmed)
The Summit is supported by HR XML, the leading body for HR systems standardisation.
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