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EIfEL Events Newsflash July 2007

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EIfEL announces a special healthcare track during HCSIT and ePortfolio 2007.


 EIfEL Events Newsflash


Towards the Universal CV!

On 18-19 June 2007, in partnership with HR-XML and Liberty Alliance, EIfEL organised an international seminar on CV interoperability in Paris. Representatives from European agencies, national public employment agencies, job boards, governments, international and European standardisation bodies, service providers and academics contributed to a series of rich exchanges to reflect on the need for, the benefits of, and the solutions to CV interoperability: how to construct, disseminate, match and exploit curriculum vitæ information to support mobility, employment and innovation?

As the world of CVs is characterised by a series of different specifications, one of EIfEL's aims is to contribute to their convergence (e.g. HR-XML and Europass CV) into one international standard. Meanwhile, it should at least be possible to transform a CV written on one system using one specification in order to be read by another system using a different set of specifications. This is precisely what the new web service developed by EIfEL does. It was revealed by Marc Van Coillie, EIfEL's CTO during the seminar: a CV 'translator' capable of transform a CV based on one specification into another.

One of the other main outcomes of this seminar is the creation of a working group whose initial task is the creation of a HR-XML data exchange service using Liberty Alliance Federation of Identities and Federation of Services to support secure exchange of human resources information while respecting privacy. This work will be then extended to other digital identity management services, such as OpenID and OpenCard.

Interested in participating in this exciting initiative? Contact:

Key Competencies – Skills for Life Conference

12-13 July, City University, London


Join participants from 20 countries at the 1st international conference on Key Competencies – Skills for Life. The Conference, which is organised by EIfEL in partnership with NIACE and ARTES, brings together regional, national and international experts in this domain that is vital for education, employability, lifelong learning and economic performance. The Conference will see the launch of a European Special Interest Group on Key Competencies and the establishment of an international knowledge-base.

The aims of the Conference are to highlight innovative practice in the development, assessment and recognition of key competencies and to encourage international co-operation among policy-makers, researchers, practitioners and suppliers both during and following the event. Phil Hope, Minister for Skills in the Department of Education and Skills, England is joined by a distinguished panel of plenary presenters that includes Patrick Werquin, Directorate of Education, OEDD, France; Wendy Jones, Head of Public Affairs and Policy for BBC Learning, UK; Fabrizio Cardinali, Chief Executive Officer of Giunti Labs, Italy; Alan Clarke, NIACE, England; Chris Van Woensel, Flemish Ministry of Education, Belgium and Lilia Infelise, ARTES, Italy. Othe presenters represent adult and higher education, training and consultancy, government and supplier.

For more information:   

HCSIT Summit: special focus on healthcare!


HCSIT and ePortfolio 2007 will feature tracks dedicated to the optimisation of digital technology to improve the quality of healthcare services, education and practice.

"The vision for the future of health care starts with the premise that consumers should own their own total personal health and wellness data and that only consumers, not insurers, not the government, not employers and not even doctors, but only consumers should have complete control over how it is used," - Adam Bosworth, Google Vice- President, AMIA 2007 (American Medical Association of Informatics) Spring Congress.

The Summit will explore how this vision on personal health records (PHR) will affect practice, organisations and infrastructures, in particular the control of on's digital identity, as patient and professional, the impact on competency management as well as on education and continuing professional development.

Contributions (presentations, workshops and papers) are invited on:
  • digital identity and privacy for patients and practitioners;
  • competency management for healthcare professionals and
  • the contribution of ePortfolios to reflective practice and recognition of competencies.
Have a look at the track's leaflet and at the different calls:

ePortfolio 2007 and the Human Capital and Social Innovation Technology Summit

Maastricht, 16-19 October 2007

The theme of the 5th international ePortfolio Conference, to be held in Maastricht from 17-19 is employability – an issue that concerns all sectors of education and training. In recognition of the importance of technology in personal, professional and organisational development, the ePortfolio event now forms an integral part of an extended event devoted to human capital and social innovation. The Summit comprises Digital Identity and Privacy 2007; ePortfolio 2007 and HR Technologies 2007 and will run from 16-19 October. It is possible to attend any of these events separately or to combine them.

The link for the Call for Contributions for these events is

  • Deadlines for the Call for Contributions – 15 July

New for 2007! Prizes of 1,500€ each will available for the authors of the best submissions for:

  • ePortfolio 2007 best paper in the academic track

  • ePortfolio 2007 best contribution in the practitioner track

  • HCSIT – best contribution to the Summit as a whole

For more information: read the leaflet and the calls at

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