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EIfEL Events Newsflash June 2007

EIfEL Events Newsflash


 EIfEL Events Newsflash


Key Competencies – Skills for Life Conference

12-13 July, City University, London


There is still an opportunity to attend the 1st international conference on Key Competencies – Skills for Life. The Conference, which is organised by EIfEL in partnership with NIACE and ARTES, brings together regional, national and international experts in this domain so vital for education, employability, lifelong learning and economic performance.

The aims of the conference are to highlight innovative practice in the development, assessment and recognition of key competencies and to encourage international co-operation among policy-makers, researchers, practitioners and suppliers both during and following the event. The programme has been designed to promote a high level of interaction. Morning plenary sessions allow time for questions to experts and open discussions. Participants can also choose among parallel sessions offering presentations covering a range of topics or practical workshops enabling more detailed exploration of specific subjects.

The programme is almost complete. We are delighted to announce that Phil Hope, MP, Minister for Skills in the Department of Education and Skills, England, is joined by a distinguished panel of plenary presenters that includes Patrick Werquin, Directorate for Education, OECD, France, Wendy Jones, Head of Public Affairs and Policy for BBC Learning, UK, Fabrizio Cardinali, Chief Executive Officer of Giunti Labs, Italy, Alan Clarke, NIACE, UK, Judith Swift, Unionlearn, Trade Union Congress, England, Chris Van Woensel, Flemish Ministry of Education, Belgium and Lilia Infelise, Artes, Italy. Other presenters represent adult and higher education, training and consultancy, government and suppliers.

We currently have participants from 20 countries, including Australia and Hong Kong.

Discounts are available for EIfEL Members and for additional delegates. It is possible to register for one day only. Register first as User using the ConfTool link, then as Participant. Delegates do not require a registration code.

We also welcome contributions to the Key Competencies Knowledge-base currently under construction – for example, national, regional, local or institutional initiatives and transnational projects. For information, the European Commission has identified key competencies as being 1) communication in the mother tongue; 2) communication in foreign languages; 3) competences in maths, science and technology; 4) digital competence; 5) learning to learn; 6) interpersonal, intercultural and social competences, and civic competence; 7) entrepreneurship; 8) cultural expression.

More information available here:

ePortfolio 2007 and the Human Capital and Social Innovation Technology Summit

16-19 October 2007


The theme of the 5th international ePortfolio Conference, to be held in Maastricht, the Netherlands, from 17-19 October, is employability – an issue that concerns all sectors of education and training. In recognition of the importance of technology in personal, professional and organisational development, the ePortfolio event now forms an integral part of an extended event devoted to human capital and social innovation. The Summit comprises Digital Identity and Privacy 2007; ePortfolio 2007 and HR Technologies 2007 and will run from 16-19 October. It is possible to attend any of these events separately or to combine them.

The link for the Call for Contributions for these events is The Call is currently available for ePortfolio 2007 and Digital Identity and Privacy 2007. That for HR Technologies will be announced shortly.

Please note revised deadlines for the Call for Contributions for ePortfolio 2007  

  • full and short paper submissions: 15 June 2007
  • case studies, work in progress and posters: 15 July 2007

New for 2007: best submissions Awards!

Prizes of 1,500€ each will be awarded to the authors of the best submissions for:

  • ePortfolio 2007 - best paper in the academic track
  • ePortfolio 2007- best contribution in the practitioner track
  • HCSIT – best contribution to the Summit as a whole

Decisions will be taken by the Conference Committees and will be final. Authors must be registered participants and have paid their conference fees.
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