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EIfEL Newsletter December 2007

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EIfEL December 2007 Newsletter, latest conference news (HCSIT/ePortfolio, iLearningForum, ePortfolio Montreal), latest activities news (European projects, EIfEL Special Interest Groups....)



In Brief



  • iLearning Forum Paris 2008 Update!
  • ePortfolio and HCSIT 2007 
  • ePortfolio and Digital Identity Montréal 2008

 Projects, publications, members' activites:

  • New ePortfolio dedicated webspace
  • European Projects
  • EIfEL presentations  
  • Member news (Job offers !) 

Events News

 Join us at iLearning Forum 2008

iLearning Forum Paris 2008 Update!

iLearning Forum 2008

CEGOS Platinum Sponsor 

Platinum Sponsor

Questionmark Gold Sponsor

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iLearn Forum Ltd and EIfEL are pleased to invite you to participate  in the third edition of iLearning Forum Paris. The exhibition and conference will take place on Monday 4th February and Tuesday 5th February 2008 at the Palais des Congrès de Paris. The Forum is now the largest international and European eLearning event in France and attracts learning and human resources professionals from all over Europe and worldwide.


This year’s conference continues to explore leading edge technologies for learning in the 21st century. Confirmed conference keynotes include Fabrizio Cardinali, Giunti Labs, Daniel Kaplan, FING, Serge Ravet, EIfEL, Fulup ar Fol, Sun Microsystems and Elizabeth Hartnell-Young, Nottingham University.

iLearning 2008 themes:

  • designing eStrategies for learning organisations
  • designing learning spaces with advanced learning technologie
  • supporting lifelong learning and employability
  • exploiting the full potential of digital identity
  • improving quality of learning with technologies

Over 100 contributions have been received to date. A late submissions track is now open for additional contributions, which may still be accepted. Presenters are invited to submit an abstract of between 500-750 words. Papers will be published online. For a more detailed description of the themes and to submit a contribution:

Conference registration available at:


The exhibition will feature up to 80 international exhibitors:

Visitors will benefit from a Cyber café, a press lounge, a VIP lounge and a 2-day programme of free presentations offering moderated 2 hour sessions on:

  • language learning case studies
  • serious games demonstrations
  • rapid content creation demonstrations
  • learning management and content management platforms

There will also be a session on interoperability demonstrations with several exhibitors moderated by EIfEL.

Limited exhibition space now remains. Sponsorship opportunities are still available.

Visitor registration now available at:


iLearningForum 2007 Conference proceedings available at:

HCSIT and ePortfolio 2007

Human Capital and Social Innovation Technology Summit

ePortfolio 2007 Conference

Over 280 participants from 26 countries attended the 5th international ePortfolio Conference, whose scope this year was extended to include human and social capital technology.
Delegates were able to attend sessions on digital identity, ontology, human resource management technology and ePortfolio interoperability, as well as the main ePortfolio conference. The conference was a great success in bringing together key players in the field and stimulating further action.  For the first time, awards were made offered awards to recognise outstanding contributions. Queensland University of Technology, Australia and Wollongong University, Australia, in partnership with Sofia University, Bulgaria won the awards for the best papers for the practitioner and academic track respectively, while a special award for ‘life achievement’ was given to Helen Barrett.


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MyKnowledgeMap     Nuventive

Silver Sponsors


The full conference report and proceedings will be publicly available this month.

Previous conference information:
Proceedings will be posted here: 

ePortfolio and Digital Identity Montréal 2008

ePortfolio & Digital Identity Montréal 

Conference partners:



HR-XML Consortium

The 2nd Pan-American and Francophone ePortfolio conference is being organised by EIfEL in partnership with the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance (CSLP) at Concordia University and the Centre de recherche en informatique de Montréal (CRIM). It will take place at Concordia University on 5-7 May 2008. This year’s focus will be on ePortfolio and digital identity, exploring the link between the records and services that contribute to the emergence of a digital identity.
Tracks will be run in French and English. Presenters and authors are invited to submit an abstract of their contributions by 31 January 2008 on the following themes:

  • Lifelong learning and employability
  • Building systems of recognition and accreditation with ePortfolios
  • Exploiting the full potential of digital identity 
  • ePortfolio architectures and advanced technologies 
  • Designing ePortfolio strategies within regions and sectors
  • Managing knowledge with ePortfolios

31 January 2008: deadline for receipt of abstracts (500 to 750 words).

For more information:

To submit a proposal:


Activities News


New ePortfolio webspace


EIfEL has recently created a new space dedicated to ePortfolio research and practice:

The objective of this new space is to collect and organise information on the different dimensions of ePortfolio and digital identity: individual, community, organisational and territorial. We are particularly looking for case studies, reflections and research on ePortfolio for SMEs and implementations of ePortfolio at city, district and regional levels. If you are interested in collaborating and taking an editorial role, please contact Serge Ravet.

EU projects

  • Ongoing:
    • TRACE (TRAnsparent Competencies for Europe) - concerned with increasing the transparency of competencies and skills among EU countries, regions and sectors 
    • MOSEP (MOre Self-Esteem with my ePortfolio) - ePortfolios for teachers and counsellors working with 14-16 year olds 
    • ELDORADO  - establishment of a European learning community for regional development agents and managers
    • POSILIPPO - partnerships for the promotion of lifelong learning) 
    • EPITOME - improved access to training and the recognition of skills and competencies for migrant workers
  • Starting:
    • FAT-CAT - transfer of web-based soft-skill (competence) measuring software
    • QUALC  - quality of non-formal and informal learning in adult learning centres
    • eTTCampus 2.0 - European virtual campus for teachers and trainers
    • Portolano - ePortfolio for professionals in the arts sector
    • TAS3 - Trust and Security

We shall be providing updated information on these project at :

For more information about how members might benefit from the activities and results please contact:


Special Interest Groups


Healthcare SIG

All healthcare professionals interested in research and practice in the use of ePortfolios are invited to join this new Special Interest Group.

Please contact:

Interoperability related SIGs 

CV interoperability (Europass, HR-XML, hResume micro-format...)

Current results: Europass/Europortfolio CV HR-XML profile, Liberty Alliance HR ID-SIS profile, CV standards and tools/services studies, CV Transcoder and Validator web services...

ePortfolio interoperability (Europass/Europortfolio profiles, HR-XML, IMS, micro-formats, OpenSocials API...)

Current results: ePortfolio Position Paper, Europortfolio profiles, ePortfolio plugfests, IMS ePortfolio support in CVT, ePortfolio related standards study, ePortfolio solutions center, Team builder Packager service (compiling team CVs in one ZIP package compliant with IMS eP)

eLearning Interoperability (Scorm, LOM, CDM, AICC)

Three focuses for 2008: CDM (participation in the CEN/ISSS CWA) (New in 2008) Competency : HR-XML Assessment, IEEE RDC (participation in HR-XML and IEEE work on this area), Core Scorm 2004 (participation in the ISO WG4 process)

Current results: Two chapters in the new French book dedicated to eLearning tools and methodologies (one on application profiling, conformance testing and standards, the second on interoperability framework for competency assessment using existing eLearning and HR standards), eLearning plugfests, eLearning solutions center

Digital Identity interoperability (OpenID, Liberty Alliance, OpenSocials, FOAF, Micro-formats)

Current results: Digital Identity study, Liberty Alliance HR ID-SIS

For more information about how to participate in these SIGs and benefits from the results please contact:

Learning Territories and organisations SIG

All professionals interested in research and practice in the use of ePortfolios for learning regions or learning organisations are invited to join this Special Interest Group.

Current results: ePortfolio Position Paper, ePortfolio for regions and accredidation of prior learning (in French), demonstrator of ePortfolio architecture and services for learning regions (epms, plonefolio, jobboard, region, lms, community services, mostly based on Plone Opensource CMS).

For more information about how to participate in this SIG and benefits from the results please contact:


 EIfEL Presentations


Colloque on "realising the full potential of e-learning at all levels of education" at the Council of Europe

EIfEL was invited to speak at two European events recently.  The first was the Colloque on "realising the full potential of e-learning at all levels of education" at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. He responded to the questions of the Committee on Culture, Science and Education of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, with MPs from all over Europe.

The presentation outcomes of the event can be found here.

The second presentation was made during a roundtable during the eChallenges event on 25th October. This event brings together leading Government and industry decision makers from across Europe to discuss the current situation with technology-enhanced learning, with particular reference to the priorities of the EC Framework 7 Funding Programme. The panel was composed of a mix of leading public and private sector executives discussing issues relating to and surrounding all aspects of eLearning in Europe.


 Other EIfEL news and information


To know more about EIfEL Members: 

More reasons to join EIfEL:

FOR OUR INDIVIDUAL AND ORGANISATIONAL MEMBERS who wish to optimise their benefits of EIfEL membership (Members only):

More specific information about EIfEL interoperability services:

About Learning Territories services (in French):


 Members news (Offers and Requests)


 Job offers:

  • Winvision (NL) is recruiting :

    Winvision is looking for colleagues who fit in with an informal, no-nonsense environment. Since we are a young and relatively small company, we really expect employees to have an adventurous mind. Besides, we attach a lot of value to qualities like teamspirit and a pragmatic attitude.

    Currently we are recruiting:

    • Solution Consultant
    • Solution Consultant BizTalk
    • CRM Developer
    • EPM 2007 Developer
    • Solution Developer
    • Customer Trainers
    • Installation Consultants
    • Functional Consultants
    • Business Consultants
    • Practice Managers
    • Pre-sales Staff
    • Account Managers

      More information at Winvision website

      More information about these vacancies on Winvision website in Dutch

  • X-PERTeam (FR) recrute :

    • Responsable Marketing
    • Ingénieur Commercial
    • Ingénieur Commercial Junior Secteur Public à pourvoir en stage, alternance, césure
    • Commercial Junior à pourvoir en stage, alternance, césure
    • Développeur Flash confirmé

    Toutes les informations depuis le site d'X-PERTeam:

  • Entr'Ouvert (FR) recrute :

    Entr'ouvert est une société de service en logiciel libre dont l'activité commerciale s'est construite autour de solutions d'e-administration et de consultation en ligne. Nous sommes en particulier spécialisés dans la gestion des identités numériques. Nous avons développé la première implémentation GPL du protocole Liberty Alliance sous la forme d'une librairie baptisée Lasso.

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