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Key technical points related to CV2007

Here is a short sumary of the most interesting technical points from EIfEL point of view.



- HR-XML : Related to the last release of the HR-XML specifications we can notice two key points:

a) 2.5 release brings a new education degree classification classification allowing to use textual information or the ISCED referential.

b) the next main release v3 will break in some points the comptability with the previous releases. This will allow to review the whole specifications architecture. This new release will include several web services interface (WSDL) to increase interoperability between HR related web services.


- Liberty Alliance, this is definitively a coherent set of specifications to add a real privacy web service layer to HR-XML CV related web services with a full transparency to the CV owner.


- Unisys give us an interesting point of view by highlighting the use case related to team management and team CVs in which interoperability is clearly needed.




- HR-XML CV profiles (Europass/Europortfolio CV, GermanCV, iProfile UK)

The other profiles used in Germany (GermanCV) and in United Kingdom (iProfile) are quite similar to the HR-XML Europass/Europortfolio one, more than 80% of the information are quite the same but use different position regarding the Candidate schemas (i.e. Work Experience could be present in CandidateProfile or in Resume part of a Candidate instance). An harmonization could be possible except on the competency part which is the main difference between each profiles (i.e. language competencies which in the GermanCV context are used by HR recruiter which need to quickly understand the level of language proficiency and which will probably assessed the applicant real language competencies) while in the Europass/Europortfolio profile based on the European Language Framework the aim is more to help the CV owner himself to reflect on his languages competencies.


- hResume micro-format:

This micro-format approach give a first simple response to the semantic issue of online CVs (with the human readable aspect supported by XHTML and the semantic machine processible part handled by specific non visible XHTML class tags). But for a real HR web-service process this need to be parsed and exploited in XML format (the transformation from hResume to Europass/Europortfolio using XSL shown by EIfEL is of course the simplest solution for this issue) and this needed that the web page is fully compliant with XHTML. Two other things are still missing on this first draft of hResume:

a) a conformance testing service (validator)

b) a namespace or other system to manage the hResume version and update that will occur in the future.


- Going to a common European Competency Repository ?

DISCO project could bring an interesting responce to the issue of coherent and european common competency/job taxonomy. Some discussions around technical aspect and interoperability have shown that it would be helpful to add a web-service interface to this repository which could export HR-XML and Europass competency related data.


- Social Network, online identity managment and employability

One of the most interesting point related to this presentation by Ziki was the importance of managing our online identity and the capability to aggregate in a single place other web identities. This ease not only to be able to do search based on a user identity or a social network but open new perspectives for managing/aggregating other web information like CVs based information. The aggregation/extraction of hResume Linkedin data by the new release of Ziki (v2, is a good example of this kind of possibility.


- Going to a european CV standardisation ?

This session with the participation of the director of CEN pre-standard have helped to study the different existing options to look at a more formal standard for CV in Europe. If no concrete action has been taken officialy in this field, the most pertinent apporach will be:

a) opening a new CWA (Common Workshop Agreement) based on Europass profile inside the actual Learning Technologies Workshop. This could lead to a document including guidelines for implementation available free of charge on the CEN repository.

b) if this CWA is accepted and after its publication, submit it to the Learning Technology Technical Committee in order to work on a real formal standard for standardisation bodies in all European Countries participating in the CEN (like Afnor for France, DIN for Germany, BSI in UK...).


- Securing user CV attribute exchanges between services using Liberty Alliance 

The emerging proposal after these discussions with the expert from Symlabs is to build a new HR service interface specification using the web service framework from Liberty Alliance and the HR-XML Europass/Europortfolio CV profile. A working group to study more deeper this proposal and build a first demo implementation will follow, first working interoperability demonstrations will be presented during the plugfest linked with the next Human Capital and Social Technology Summit next October in Maastricht.


Informal discussions:

  • Europass CV Profile from Cedefop and HR-XML/Europortfolio Profile: Matching between them will only need time now. The 2 main innovative points from the Europortfolio HR-XML profile (competency and competency evidence management and relationships between annexes and other CV parts) might be included/supported in the next release of the Cedefop CV online editor.
  • EIfEL will now look to include other elements needed to support also the Europass Language Portfolio in the HR-XML Europass/Europortfolio profile.
  • EIfEL and Cedefop will study optionnal usefull elements related to researcher/expert CV (publications, achievements, patents...).
  • The European system Eures use Europass and include now export in document format (PDF, Word, OpenOffice) using the Cedefop Web-Service. 


EIfEL Reflexion:

We have shown three main interesting and coherent approaches to manage both the human readable aspect of a CV and its semantic capability for machine processing:

- XHTML + hResume Microformat (specific tags/class in HTML code)

- XML + XSL reference embedded which allow to use dynamically the transformation stylesheet to produce HTML (why not with hResume tags :-))

- PDF + XML attached file (used by Cedefop Europass system, probably the most elegant one to solve the cross-platform issue).

EIfEL has been able to show that dynamic transformation using web-service based on XSL stylesheets is already working for most of the CV data coming from other profiles (GermanCV, iProfile, French CV Universel). system as well as CV plug-in from the Kite project are other examples of the possibilities related to this 'dynamic transformation' approach.


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