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Eportfolio & Digital Identity Montréal 2008

Following the success of the first international Francophone ePortfolio conference at Québec in April 2006, the organisers of ePortfolio Montréal 2008 have pleasure in inviting researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and solution providers in the field of learning technologies to submit their contributions to the 2nd Pan-American and Francophone ePortfolio conference that will take place at Concordia University on 5-7 May 2008. This year’s focus will be on ePortfolio and digital identity, exploring the link between the records and services that contribute to the emergence of a digital identity.
ePortfolio & Digital Identity

The conference is organised in partnership with the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance (CSLP) at Concordia University, the Centre de recherche en informatique de Montréal (CRIM) and HR-XML Consortium. Tracks will be run in French and English. Presenters and authors are invited to submit an abstract of their contributions by 31 January 2008 on the following themes:

  1. Lifelong learning and employability ePortfolios

  2. Building systems of recognition and accreditation with ePortfolios

  3. Exploiting the full potential of digital identity
  4. ePortfolio architectures and advanced technologies

  5. Designing ePortfolio strategies within regions and sectors

  6. Managing knowledge with ePortfolios