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CASE Builders

CASE Builders comes in at the crossroads of human resources, education and training, market communication and organization. Creative, innovative, effective and no-nonsense. We thrive on 30 years of experience in communication, interactive media, education and training, the Internet and human resources. Both nationally and internationally.

For its purpose, CASE Builders utilize properly developed and innovative Internet applications: CASe-portfolio, and LearningCASE



CASe-portfolio is a Web-based application designed by CASE for competency management and PDP. CASe-portfolio provides a detailed view on the gap between personal competences and requirements for a certain function profile or education profile.

CASe-portfolio generates an extensive report on each participant with useful information on personality, competences, task-driven intelligence, work experience, education, interest and marginal prerequisites of a social nature. 


CASe-portfolio is applicable for recruitment, employability, outplacement,  reintegration, choice of profession,  personal development plan,  competency management,  supervision of students.




LearningCASE is an application for knowledge transfer via networks (Internet) that truly succeeds in two objectives: the trainee can gather knowledge in his or her own right using interactive multimedia, and that knowledge can help the trainer  to optimize his or her composition and/or adjustment of study material (possibly based on existing content) in his or her own right.


LearningCASE sets itself apart from almost all other e-learning applications because it came into existence while researching in the field how people actually learn. The results of this research are formatted into a didactic user interface and a couple of user possibilities that support each trainee  in his or her personal way of learning (learning style).



CASE Builders

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