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The ABU (the Dutch association of temporary work agencies) promotes the interests of the temporary work market in the Netherlands. With more than 360 members that have 3000 agencies/branches the ABU represents more than 60 per cent of the market in turnover and with that the association is largest employers' organisation within the Private employment agencies industry. Together ABU members realise more than 325 millions number of hours worked by temporary workers per year, with that they do not only help thousands of temporary employees to work and gain work experience, but also help employers find thousands of flexible workers.

The more than 360 ABU members stand for quality, certainty and financial reliability. They are periodical screened by an independent institution, as a result of which constant quality is guaranteed.
Since its foundation in 1961 the ABU has played a crucial role in the professionalisation of this industry The main tasks of the ABU are to promote the interests of its affiliated Private Employment agencies, to create conditions for a healthy development of the staffing market, and to provide service for its 360 members and establishing the Collective agreement for Agency Workers and General Terms and Conditions governing the Provision of Staffing Employees.

The ABU sees it also as its task to consult regulary with the government, employers' organisations, trade unions, politicians and regional governments. Thus the organisation has been closely involved in the production of the Flexibility and Security Act, and also now is strongly involved in the processes of the development of new regulation.. The ABU is also a member of the international Private Employment Association CIETT (Confédération Internationale des Entreprises de Travail Temporaire:
The temporary work market in the Netherlands fulfills 1.3 million temporary jobs per year and each year 730,000 agency workers are helped to find work by Private employment organisations.

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