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eP2008 Sponsors

Page Winvision
Winvision specialises in advising, developing, implementing, managing and licensing Microsoft platform-based solutions. By implementing innovative ICT solutions, Winvision provides added value to the Microsoft platform at its customers.
Page CASE Builders
CASE Builders comes in at the crossroads of human resources, education and training, market communication and organization. Creative, innovative, effective and no-nonsense. We thrive on 30 years of experience in communication, interactive media, education and training, the Internet and human resources. Both nationally and internationally.
Page ABU
The ABU (the Dutch association of temporary work agencies) promotes the interests of the temporary work market in the Netherlands. With more than 360 members that have 3000 agencies/branches the ABU represents more than 60 per cent of the market in turnover and with that the association is largest employers' organisation within the Private employment agencies industry. Together ABU members realise more than 325 millions number of hours worked by temporary workers per year, with that they do not only help thousands of temporary employees to work and gain work experience, but also help employers find thousands of flexible workers.
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