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Conference Programme

The event features top-level plenary presentations, open fora, a full-day workshop, a series of other workshops, special interest group meetings and parallel presentations. Keynote speakers include: Norman Longworth, Honorary Professor of Lifelong Learning, Stirling university, Darren Cambridge, George Mason University, USA, Barbara Cambridge, National Council of Teachers of English, USA, Serge Ravet, EIfEL. A special plenary session devoted to the ePortfolio for regions and territories will feature presentations by Paul Wasko, eFolio Minnesota and Paul Messer, Careers Wales, Jangui Le Carpentier, Région Basse-Normandie and Rens de Groot, the Netherlands. Helen Barrett, international ePortfolio consultant will be running a one-day interactive workshop on 22 October on Building a Personal Learning Environment in the Web 2.0 Cloud.
The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the programme.