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The programme offers a lively mix of plenary presentations and open discussion; parallel presentations sessions and workshops devoted to specific aspects of ePortfolio and digital identity implementation. Sponsors and exhibitors will offer an insight into state of the art portfolio technology. Presenters representing all sectors of education, industry, training organisations, consultancies, professional bodies and associations, awarding bodies, standard-setting organisations and ePortfolio solutions suppliers will invite participants to explore the use of the ePortfolio and digital identities to promote lifelong learning, employability and social innovation.
  Conference Programme
The event features top-level plenary presentations, open fora, a full-day workshop, a series of other workshops, special interest group meetings and parallel presentations. Keynote speakers include: Norman Longworth, Honorary Professor of Lifelong Learning, Stirling university, Darren Cambridge, George Mason University, USA, Barbara Cambridge, National Council of Teachers of English, USA, Serge Ravet, EIfEL. A special plenary session devoted to the ePortfolio for regions and territories will feature presentations by Paul Wasko, eFolio Minnesota and Paul Messer, Careers Wales, Jangui Le Carpentier, Région Basse-Normandie and Rens de Groot, the Netherlands. Helen Barrett, international ePortfolio consultant will be running a one-day interactive workshop on 22 October on Building a Personal Learning Environment in the Web 2.0 Cloud.
2007 - Rens de Groot, CWI - Copyright: F.Hoogreef
Rens de Groot
Deadline, notification and registration

Calendar (updated):

    • 23 June 2008 – Deadline for receipt of submissions (between 500 and 750 words)
    • 18 July 2008 – Notification of acceptance to authors
    • 22 August 2008 – Author registration deadline
    • 29 September 2008 – Deadline for receipt of presentations for inclusion in the conference papers.

    IMPORTANT: Should presenters require an invitation letter in order to arrange funding please notify the Conference Secretariat and this will be forwarded immediately either by e-mail or fax.

    NB: the conference management tool ( provides a special field for abstracts. This is where abstracts have to be submitted. No abstract file should be uploaded, only presentations and contributions (papers, case studies, presentation files, etc.).

    All contributions are to be submitted using our conference management service (create an account)

    Read also: Instructions for Submitting Author