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Conference Speakers


Mark Cummings, DFeS

Mark Cummings is a senior policy adviser in DfES’s Information Strategy Unit, with responsibility for information standards, e-portfolios and e-assessment.

He has extensive Government, education, training and employment experience. Having worked in the Employment Service, Health and Safety Executive, Learning and Skills Council (LSC), Manpower Services Commission and the private sector.

Most recently led the e-Learning Strategy Unit team developing the DfES e-Strategy - Harnessing Technology - Transforming Learning and Children’s services. Previously, was project manager for the Strategic Area Review (StAR) process with the LSC and for developing Ministerial policy on Learner Choice and Specialisation - a key element of "Success for All".

George Siemens George Siemens: Internationally-known expert in learning technologies and author of elearnspace

George Siemens is a prominent theorist, writer, and researcher of the changed dynamics of learning and knowledge. He is the Founder and President of Complexive Systems Inc., a learning lab focused on assisting organizations to develop integrated learning structures to meet the needs of global strategy execution. He actively researches technology and social trends through the University of Manitoba's Learning Technologies Centre.

He has presented at numerous leading education technology conferences, and provided consulting services for corporate, government, and educational institutions. His writing and research are available at the popular and sites.

George recently authored "Knowing Knowledge" - a book exploring the changed dynamics of knowledge and "what it means to know" in our internet age (information is available at

Please contribute to George's Keynote WIKI - (link)

hbarrett.jpg  Dr Helen Barrett: Internationally-known expert on Electronic Portfolio Development for learners of all ages 

Dr. Helen Barrett recently retired from the faculty of the College of Education at the University of Alaska Anchorage and is living in the Seattle area. She has been researching strategies and technologies for electronic portfolios since 1991, publishing a website (, an Apple Learning Interchange exhibit (, chapters in several books on Electronic Portfolios, and numerous articles. She was on loan to the International Society for Technology in Education between 2001 and early 2005, working as the Assessment Coordinator for ISTE’s National Educational Technology Standards and providing training and technical assistance on electronic portfolios for teacher education programs throughout the U.S.under a federal PT3 grant. In 2005, Dr. Barrett became the Research Project Director for The REFLECT Initiative, an international research project, underwritten by TaskStream, to assess the impact of electronic portfolios on student learning, motivation and engagement in secondary schools. She is currently working on several book projects on electronic portfolios. She is also an Apple Distinguished Educator and a George Lucas Educational Foundation Faculty Associate.


sravet.jpg  Serge Ravet: CEO European Institute for E-learning

Serge Ravet is Chief Executive of the European Institute for E-Learning (EIfEL), a cross-sectoral professional body whose mission is to support the development of a knowledge and learning society. EIfEL is at the forefront of the ePortfolio movement in Europe, setting as objective that in 2010, every citizen will have access to an ePortfolio. He is also Vice-President of the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning (EFQUEL). Combining both technological and pedagogical expertise (20 years experience in training and human resources development) with working experience in Europe and the US, he is retained as an expert and a consultant in learning technology projects. He has published books and articles on eLearning, competencies, quality, learning technologies and ePortfolios - "Technology-based Training" (Kogan Page, 1997) "Valider les Compétences avec les NVQs" (DEMOS, 1999); a Guide to e-learning Solutions (2001).

Cummings.jpg  Katharine E. Cummings (Platinum sponsor Keynote and Presenter Session O1)
Katharine E. Cummings earned a Ph.D. in Secondary Education with an emphasis in teacher preparation at the University of Illinois in 1989. Cummings directed the secondary education program at North Dakota State University before moving to Western Michigan University in 1999. She currently serves as the Associate Dean of the College of Education and directs the university’s Center for Electronic Portfolios and Assessment. Her research has focused on the use of portfolios to assess candidates in professional education, the application of case study methodology in professional training, and program evaluation in higher education.

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 Wijnand Aalderink (Presenter Session P4)

Wijnand Aalderink, is the manager education support at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. He is currently responsible for different projects aiming at the development of an appropriate learning infrastructure for student-centred competence-based education. He is chair of the steering group of NL Portfolio, the special interest group of the SURF-Foundation in the Netherlands.

  Lise Agerbæk (Presenter session P2)

Lise Agerbæk, MA, is an assistant professor at Odense Technical College and an associated professor at the University of Southern Denmark. She is the chairman of the Danish ePortfolio Consortium. She edits the online scholarly magazine “In Medias Res” published by Centre of Media Studies, University of Southern Denmark. E-portfolio

 Angela Baker (Presenter Session S1)

Angela Baker is ePortfolio Manager at the European Institute for eLearning (EIfEL) where she has been coordinating the European project KEYPAL (ePortfolio for for Key skills) project for the last 2 years as well as leading other ePortfolio projects, pilots and events around Europe. She is particularly interested in the use of ePortfolios for personal growth and how the ePortfolio can be a tool of social integration.

  Nataša Brouwer (Presenter session O1)

Dr. Nataša Brouwer is a senior consultant, Expert group for University Science Education, Faculty of Science, AMSTEL Institute. Working areas: development of courses with active learning approach (i.e. studio course); computers in education as a tool and as a learning platform; e-portfolio in development of academic skills.
  Darren Cambridge
(Presenter Session P2)

Darren Cambridge teaches in New Century College of George Mason University and is a leader within the IMS/GLC, the Open Source Portfolio Initiative, and the Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research. He has led portfolio projects at the American Association for Higher Education, EDUCAUSE's National Learning Infrastructure Initiative, and the University of Texas. His research focuses on how people use portfolios for lifelong and lifewide learning.

 Kathryn Chang- Barker (Presenter Session E2)

Dr. Kathryn Chang Barker is a consulting education futurist with a PhD in Education Administration and Policy Studies from the University of Alberta (1994). She is founder and president of FuturEd Consulting Education Futurists . Her current passion is the ePortfolio, particularly in the adult learning and employment environment, and she is working to animate “an ePortfolio for each and every Canadian – and one ePortfolio for life.” Barker is the founding Chair of the Learning Innovations Forum d’Innovations d’Apprentissage, EIfEL’s sister organization in the Americas, and also serves on the boards of the Canadian Education Association, the Innovate online journal, and eTQM - Dubai’s eLearning college.

  Robert Chmielewski (Presenter Session T2)

Robert Chmielewski coordinates the work of the e-portfolio research project at the University of Edinburgh which centres on the institutional implementation of an ePortfolio system. Other research activities involve developing ideas of digital platforms for maximising effectiveness of learning, as well as task and reflection managing.

  Cheryl Colan (Co-presenter S2)

Cheryl Colan teaches Digital Multimedia and Computer Graphics courses at Scottsdale Community College and at Phoenix College, where she has been an adjunct in the Art department for the last two years and serves as Technology Director for Media Arts Programs. Cheryl also works with the Leraning, Technology and Development Department at Phoenix College. She is currently working on launching a free community media center in the downtown Phoenix area.

  Suzanne Curyer (Presenter Session P1)
Suzanne Curyer is the Manager of Career Services at Australia’s national government owned education and training ICT company, limited. Suzanne provides strategic leadership and management in the development of national online career information and exploration services on behalf of the Australian, State and Territory governments.

 Neil Currant (Presenter Session S2)
Neil Currant is project officer for the Enhancing Learner Progression Project at the University of Bradford and Leeds Metropolitan University. His work is in the area of electronic portfolios particularly as a means to support entry into Higher Education. He is also interested in what e-portfolios can offer traditional portfolio learning.

 Colin Dalziel (Presenter Session T3)

Colin has extensive experience with learning technologies dating back to 1996. Recently Colin has acted as a technical consultant on the ePISTLE e-portfolio project and as project manager on the LIPID interoperability implementation project. In his role as operations director for Pebble Learning Colin supports the development of the PebblePad ePortfolio system and its use in an increasing number of institutions across the UK.

Ivo de Boer (Co-presenter Session O2)
After getting my MSc degree in History in 2000. In 2003 I started my activities for the INHOLLAND OKR department in de domain group educational development giving guidance to specific departments within INHOLLAND University as to educational development within a competence based curriculum, focusing mainly on competence based internships and assessment. Guidance ranged from consultancy to departments, stimulating exchange of experiences and good practices among the them, organizing training/ workshops and involvement in several University broad projects amongst others the INHOLLAND digital portfolio implementation project and a project focussing on competence based internship.

  Karim Derrick (Presenter Session O4)

Former teacher Karim Derrick is Development Director at TAG Learning Ltd. Having developed MAPS the Managed Assessment Portfolio System he has developed e-portfolios across a range of contexts, most recently in the PDA based assessment project e-scape, a research project looking at ways of assessing innovation and creativity in design and technology. He has also worked with awarding bodies to develop e-portfolios as a mechanism for managing, assessing and moderating coursework.

dominick.jpg  Joan E. Dominick (Presenter Session 03)
Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick is the Director of Portfolios for Student Success Programs & the Senior-Year Experience, Kennesaw State University, Georgia. USA. She holds a Doctorate in Adult Education from the University of Georgia, Athens. She is the recipient of the 1996 Distinguished Teaching Award at Kennesaw State University.

  Dale Doubleday (Presenter Session S2)
Dale Doubleday has a BS in Interactive Computer Graphics and an MEd in Educational Media and Computers. She is Department Chair of Art, Music, Photography,and Anthropology, as well as Program Director for Computer Graphic Art and Media Arts. She has taught Digital Storytelling in workshops in the U.S.and Mexico, and at Phoenix College, both in the classroom and in the Ireland Study Abroad Program.
 Olga Firssova (Presenter Session PD1)
Olga Firssova, M.Sc, Ph.D. University lecturer of Master of Science of Active Learning, Open University Netherlands. Affiliation: Educational Technology Expertise Centre & Ruud de Moor Centre for the professionalization of teachers, OUNL. Areas of expertise: curriculum design and instrumentation, instrumentation of learning and competence development, e-learning.

  Raija Fonselius (Co-presenter Session PD2)
Raija Fonselius (MA) is an English lecturer of the Language Centre of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences since 1988. In this position, she is responsible for teaching English (ESP) for Engineering and Technology students.

  Leigh Funk (Co-presenter SessionO3)

Dr. M. Leigh Funk is an Assistant Professor of Special Education and coordinates activities relating to electronic portfolios, assessment and accreditation in teacher education for Kennesaw State University. She holds a Doctorate in Instructional Design for Online Learning from Capella University and was selected as a 2003-2004 Georgia Governor’s Teaching Fellow. "The distinctive task of the academic profession is the pursuit of cognitive growth"- Anonymous

  Jeff W. Garis (Presenter Session O1)
Jeff W. Garis has served as Director of the Florida State University Career Center since 1992 and he is a licensed Psychologist and affiliate faculty member.
Dr. Garis is currently editing a book to be published by Jossey Bass-Emerging Student ePortfolios: Opportunities for Student Affairs. 

  Ulla Gjørling (Presenter Session PD3)
Ulla Gjørling is a chief consultant in UNI•C, The Danish IT Centre for Education and Research. She is responsible for a series of Pedagogical ICT Licences – EPICT, a concept for teachers’ professional development in the pedagogical application of ICT in teaching and learning that has become internationally recognized, see

  Anna Grant (Presenter Session S1)
Anna Grant is a Research Associate at the Centre for IT and Law, University of Bristol. She has been trained as a Social Science researcher and has a doctorate in the field of ethics and EU policy-making. Her current research is focused on legal and related social aspects of e-portfolios.

  Simon Grant (Co-presenter Session S1)
Simon is an independent visionary consultant for personal information and developmental technology. He has been an educator at many levels. He played major parts in the development of LUSID, an early e-portfolio system, and UKLeaP, an interoperability standard. He and his wife Anna are developing new approaches to technology supporting ethics.

  Cathy Gunn (Presenter Session P2)
Cathy Gunn is a senior lecturer in academic development specializing in learning technology at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Research interests focus on the impact of technology on organizations, learning and learner behaviour. Cathy is current president of ascilite (the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education).

Alex Haig (Presenter Session O2)
Alex Haig is the e-Portfolio Projects Manager at NHS Education for Scotland. The projects currently include e-Portfolios for medicine, dentistry and pharmacy in Scotland and the wider UK. His research interests include self-assessment, e-learning and the migration of evidence based practice from clinical to educational practice.

  Phil Harley (Co-presenter Session P3)

Phil Harley is a consultant working with the University of Nottingham International Centre for e-portfolios. Previously at Nottingham City LA he worked with schools, colleges and universities to develop a transition strategy centred on an e-Portfolio called the City of Nottingham Passport, currently he is working on a more interactive model to be called PassPortFolio.

hartyoung04.jpg  Elizabeth Hartnell-Young (Presenter Session O4)
Elizabeth Hartnell-Young researches in the Learning Sciences Research Institute at the University of Nottingham. Her book, Digital Portfolios: Powerful Tools for Professional Growth and Reflection (2nd edition) will soon be published by Corwin, and she is organising the second ePortfolio Australia conference for March 2007 in Melbourne, as part of an Asia-Pacific Trilogy.

herman.jpg  Clem Herman (Presenter Session E2)
Clem Herman is a Lecturer and Researcher in the Department of Information and Communication Technologies at the Open University in the UK. Clem’s recent research in the field of Gender and ICT has included a study of women’s experiences of ‘becoming digital’ at community ICT centres. She is currently working on a study of women’s careers in science, engineering and technology in Latvia, Poland and the UK. Clem is currently leading the development and implementation of a pioneering online course for women returning to Science, Engineering and Technology after a career break.

  Wolf Hilzensauer (Presenter Session T4)
Wolf Hilzensauer studied Educational Sciences and currently works as a researcher and project manager at Salzburg Research in the field of technology enhanced learning. His focus is in ICT supported innovative educational processes, with a primary focus on WIKIs, Weblogs and ePortfolios and eLearning frameworks in higher education.

  Martin Homik (Presenter Session T1)
Martin Homik is a computer science PhD student at the University of Saarland.
He is also a member of the DFKI ActiveMath group. His main research interests are ePortfolios, intelligent tutoring systems, and electronic learning logs.

hughes.gif  Julie Hughes (Workshop Leader B2)

Julie works in the School of Education at the University of Wolverhampton. She has been an ardent ePortfolio teacher and learner for the past two years using the University's ePortfolio, pebblePAD, for teaching, learning and assessment encouraging creativity and risk-taking. In Julie's current role she also mentors and supports staff across the University in their use of this innovative system; both in their practice and in their research. Julie's research interests include: ePortfolio storytelling and professional narratives, blogging, reflective literacies and eMentoring in diverse communities of practice.

  David Johnson (Presenter Session T2)
David Johnson is a PhD research student based at the School of Systems Engineering, The University of Reading, and is affiliated with the Advanced Computing and Emerging Technologies Centre (ACET) based at the university. His research interests include creating effective cross-device collaborative software and integrating mobile technologies into e-learning scenarios.

  Glenn Johnson (Presenter Session T1)
Instructional designer and project manager for Penn State's e-Portfolio Initiative. Housed in the College of Earth and Mineral Science's e-Education Institute, this position is funded by both Information Technology Services and the Division of Student Affairs. Glenn promotes e-portfolio development and collaboratively supports faculty, students and staff involved in this endeavor.

Marcel Kemper Marcel Kemper (Presenter Session O3)

Marcel Kemper is a policy advisor at INHOLLAND University. In 2004 he was involved in the development and the construction of the actual portfolio system and was the project manager of implementation project of the ePortfolio system in 2005. As a project manager he now stimulates further maturity of the system.

  Alex Kemps
(Presenter Session P3)

Alex Kemps is Senior Advisor in Educational Development at INHOLLAND University, The Netherlands. Alex took part in projects about the exploration of implementing electronic portfolio’s by the Digital University of The Netherlands, and published about consistency in change. Together with Wilfred Rubens, he described, autumn 2005, the state of art of portfolio-implementation in Dutch Higher Education. Next two years Alex will lead the SURF-project DigOport II, about the introduction and development of Institutional portfolio’s at three Dutch institutions for higher education.

  Gill Kirkup (Co-presenter Session E2)
Gill Kirkup is Deputy Director of the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University UK. She has responsibility for the production and delivery of the Institute’s taught course provision. She has engaged in a variety of roles in online and distance education: course designer, author of materials, online tutor and institutional researcher. At present she is working with courses that are exploring the use of eportfolios for practitioner development and assessment. She has a particular research interests in gender and technology issues, and in particular the technologies of learning. She has published widely in this area.

  Tuula-Harriet Kotikoski (Presenter Session PD2)
Tuula-Harriet Kotikoski (MA, Ph.L.) is an English and German lecturer of the Language Centre of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences since August 1988. In this position, she is responsible for teaching English (ESP) for IT Engineering students at the School of IT.

  Sarah Lambert (Presenter session O2)
Sarah Lambert manages the Learning Design Unit and Faculty Service Agreement Program at the University of Wollongong, which provides educational resource development expertise for over 120 teaching and eTeaching projects across all Faculties each year. Her current major project is implementing a single university-wide ePortfolio tool for all students on campus.Prior to joining the university Ms Lambert was owner/manager of a multimedia and design studio responsible for many high-profile multimedia development projects. 

  Leda Alice Lombardo (Presenter Session E2)
Leda Alice Lombardo studied at Padua University –Italy - where she obtained a “laurea” (five years degree+dissertation) in Clinical and Community Psychology. After one year of specialization at the Institute of Educational Technology of the italian National Research Council (Genua), she completed a PhD in Methodology of Sociopsychological Research at Genua University. Currently she is researcher at the Laboratory of Education, Training and Innovation Engineering (LIFI) of the Lugano University (Switzerland).

  Gregory Makrides (Presenter session PD1)
Gregory Makrides, has a Ph.D. in Mathematics. He has taught in the USA and Cyprus and since 2000 he is a Dean at Intercollege, Cyprus. He has publications in refereed journals, conference proceedings and in public press. He is editor of the Mediterranean Journal for Research in Mathematics Education and the Editor of the Mathematics Magazine of the Cyprus Mathematical Society.
He is the coordinator of the European projects EDIPED and MATHEU and he is the founder of MEDCONF in Mathematics Education. He is the president of the Cyprus Mathematical Society, President of the European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators and has important posts in many other organizations and government.

  Victor Mc Nair (Co-presenter Session PD1)
Victor Mc Nair is a lecturer at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland. Following a career as a Craft Design and Technology (CDT) and Technology and Design teacher, he has been teaching Post Graduate Certificate in Education students at the Jordanstown campus (near Belfast) since 1994. His research interests include the use of ICT in teacher education, effective classroom teaching and student teacher e-portfolios. He also has a strategic role in supporting the application of ICT in teaching and is involved in professional development within the University and with teachers in Northern Ireland.

  Nancy Meyers (Co-presenter Session S2)
Nancy Meyers is Residential English faculty and Program Director for ESL at Phoenix College. She has an MA in English with Teaching English as a Second Language. She has 30 years of ESL teaching experience; has strong computer skills; has completed a digital storytelling course. In addition she has produced a digital story. 

Christopher Murray (Presenter Session S2)
Christopher has been working in the e-portfolio since July 2005. He is a qualified Careers Adviser and worked in this field for 7 years. Christopher’s main interests are: Researching the different levels of e-portfolio learner engagement; exploring different methods to prepare students for HE applications; and the Eurovision Song Contest.

  Kerstin Namuth (Presenter Session E2)
Kerstin Namuth is Coordinator of ICT-aided distance learning and teaching at Folkuniversitetet in Sweden, a non-governmental adult study association.She has been involved in the setting up of VLEs, the design of open and distance learning courses as well as internal staff development programmes. Kerstin Namuth is also an author of learning materials and has published in the areas of ICT and Teacher training.

  John Pallister (Presenter Session O4)

John is a Leader of Learning for ICT and Business at Wolsingham School and Community College. John has developed and delivered school based in-service training programmes, and as a national Key Skills Trainer, has delivered training to staff in colleges across the northern region. John has managed many successful curriculum development projects. Recent projects have focused on supporting students with the development of Key Skills, vocational skills and employability skills. He has worked closely with the Key Skills Support Programme, the Learning and Skills Development Agency and the County Durham Business and Learning Partnership. For the past two years, John has developed and piloted E-Me, a video-rich multimedia E-Portfolio.

Melissa Peet (Presenter Session S1)
Dr. Melissa Peet is the Campus Coordinator and Principal Investigator for the Open-Source ePortfolio Initiative at the University of Michigan.
In addition to her research on teaching and learning, Dr. Peet is exploring the use of ePortfolios for achieving knowledge transfer, organizational change, social justice, and social change goals.

  Margarita Pérez-Garcia (Presenter Session E1)
Margarita Pérez-Garcia is a researcher in education science at MENON Network in Brussels. She has been working in the field of education for 14 years. Since 1996 she has been working on the use of ICT to improve learning processes and since 2004 maintains a blog on digital self, ePortfolio, eLearning and the use of social software in education:

Purnell.jpg  Emma Purnell (Co-Presenter Session PD3)
Emma Purnell is employed by the University of Wolverhampton as a Lecturer in e-learning in the School of Art and Design with a particular interest in supporting PDP through new technologies and as a research and innovation assistant working on a National Teaching Fellowship project. Emma is a passionate blogger and user of the University’s eportfolio system, PebblePAD. Emma is particularly interested in the use of multimedia and digital storytelling.

Jen Ross (Presenter Session E1)
Jen Ross is a research associate and learning technologist for the Management of Training and Development programme in the Department of Higher and Community Education. She has been working on e-portfolio-related projects at the University of Edinburgh since October 2004, and has recently begun PhD research into e-portfolios in Higher Education.

  Pier Giuseppe Rossi (Presenter Session T1)
I'm teaching General Didactics at Macerata University, Italy. My research activity started on multimedia communication semiotics aspects. Then, I focused on multimedia on-line teaching. At the moment I'm studying learning environments and e-portfolios. I'm directing the e-learning and integrated didactics center at Macerata University (CELF), which is coordinating Macerata University activities on distance learning.

Staunton.jpg Many Staunton (Co-presenter Session PD3)

Mandy Staunton is a graduate from the University of Wolverhampton with an Honours degree in Computer Science. She has just completed her PGCE in Post Complusory Education at the Walsall campus. She is also currently studying the CISCO CCNA course at Sandwell College.

During her studies Mandy has been a keen user of the blog and of the University’s eportfolio system, PebblePAD. With a particular interest in all of the multimedia elements.


Janet Strivens (Presenter Session P1)

Janet Strivens is the Senior Associate Director of the Centre for Recording Achievement and also an Educational Developer at the University of Liverpool. She was a member of the team which developed the Liverpool University Student Interactive Database, one of the first electronic tools to support personal development planning. Since then she has been involved in a number of JISC projects, most recently two of the DEL projects in the North West. Her particular expertise is in e-portfolio use and electronic support for personal development planning.

  Shane Sutherland
(Knowledge café Presenter and Leader)

Shane is a teacher, a teacher-educator and an elearning innovator. He has previously worked extensively with VLEs, IWBs and PDAs but has now gravitated to systems with only two-letter acronyms - ePs! Shane's background is in curriculum design, assessment for learning and reflection; perfect pre-requisites for developing an ePortfolio system!

  Eleanore Thomas (Presenter Session PD1)
Eleanore Thomas began her career in Northern Ireland education as a teacher of Mathematics and ICT. During the period when New Opportunities Funding was available she became a NOF trainer helping teachers incorporate ICT into the teaching and learning process. She is currently employed by C2k ( serving to develop and deploy LearningNI (LNI), a virtual learning environment for Northern Ireland education. Over the past two years she has been piloting work in the field of teacher and pupil e-portfolios.

Jo Ann Thompson (Presenter Session O2)
Jo Ann Thompson is the First Year Writing Program Director at the College of Applied Science, University of Cincinnati. In this role she coordinates the English composition courses at the college and facilitates students’ initial development of their ePortfolios on campus.

David Tosh (Presenter Session T4)

David set up Curverider with Ben Werdmuller after their first project together, Elgg began growing in popularity. Since 2001 David has been working in and around Internet technologies with a strong emphasis on learning environments; particularly ePortfolios and creating spaces which allow learners to explore their own potential.

  Anne Wade (Presenter Session PD2)
Anne Wade is Manager at the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. Her expertise is in information storage and retrieval, and in using portfolios to support learning. She has led the CSLP e-portfolio project since its inception six years ago.

  Jenny Woodhams (Presenter Session PD3)
Jenny Woodhams is a Lecturer in Hospitality, having recently graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a PGCE in Post Compulsory Education. Jenny is a passionate blogger and user of the University’s eportfolio system, PebblePAD.

  Marij Veugelers (Presenter Session P4)

Marij Veugelers is Project manager Portfolio Implementation at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (since 2000). She was also project manager of the Digital University Portfolio Implementation Instruments Project.She had organized several exchange meetings Portfolio UK-NL in 2004 and 2006. Since September 2004 she is community manager of the Dutch SIG NL Portfolio of the SURF-Foundation

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