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ePortfolio 2006 Programme

Wednesday 11 October 2006

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Pre-conference workshops for ePortfolio beginners
Welcome & Registration
B1 – Building my ePortfolio
Workshop leaders: Angela Baker (EIFEL), France, Dave Tosh and team (, UK
Objective of the workshop: This workshop will provide you with an introduction to the concept of the ePortfolio and provide you with the tools and support for creating your first ePortfolio using an open source ePortfolio tool.
Workshop overview: The workshop leader will introduce you to the concept and benefits of ePortfolios illustrated with examples of ePortfolios from around the world. The elgg team will then introduce you to the elgg open source ePortfolio tool and support you in developing your own ePortfolio using elgg. Participants will be invited to showcase their ePortfolios in the session and to collaborate together via their ePortfolios. We advise you to come with your own laptops (with WiFI) where possible to benefit from this workshop.
The best ePortfolio will be showcased at the main conference!
B2 – Telling my story
Workshop leaders: Julie Hughes and Emma Purnell, University of Wolverhampton, UK
Objective of the workshop: This workshop will provide you with an introduction to the art of digital storytelling for the purposes of personal and professional development.
Workshop overview: The workshop leaders will introduce you to the background and benefits of digital storytelling as gained through their own experience of developing digital stories with their students. This introduction will be illustrated with some live examples of digital stories so as to inspire your own creations! You will then be provided with the tools to create your own digital stories supported by the workshop team.
We advise you to come with your own laptops (with WiFI) where possible to benefit from this workshop and to bring with you any personal artefacts (photos, images etc ) you may like to use as part of your digital story. (on your laptop or on a USB stick). Some computers linked to internet will be available for participants' use.
The best digital story will be showcased at the main conference!
Coffee break
B3 – Exploiting my ePortfolio
Workshop leaders: Maureen Layte, EIfEL, France and Kathryn Barker, FuturEd and LiFIA, Canada
Objective of the workshop: This workshop will enable you to explore further uses of the ePortfolio for continuing professional development.
Workshop overview: This workshop will build on the two previous workshops to look at how the ePortfolio can be used for continuing personal and professional development. Key themes will include the recording of informal and non-formal learning; recognition and validation of competencies and using ePortfolios for authentic assessment.
Close  of the workshops
ePortfolio study meeting
 Cocktail for speakers, exhibitors and ePortfolio study subscribers – By invitation only



Thursday 12 October 2006

Coffee, Registration and Exhibition
Developing a national ePortfolio Strategy  Mark Cummings, Department for Education and Skills, England (recording)
Platinum sponsor presentation: Of Tansley and Technology: E-Portfolios as the Foundation of an EcosystemKatharine Cummings, Western Michigan University, USA. (recording)
Connectivism: Knowing KnowledgeGeorge Siemens, University of Manitoba, Canada (recording)
Delegates Challenge!
Lunch buffet and exhibition
(Personal/professional development)
The benefits and challenges of national ePortfolio policy
Chair: Stuart Jones
Organisations empowering learners
Chair: Philip Abrami
ePortfolios for teachers’ professional development
Chair: Wolf Hilzensauer
Choosing appropriate tools to support pedagogical models
Chair: Simon Grant
ePortfolio for orientation and mobility
Chair: Claudio Dondi
Analysis of a survey of ePortfolio practice in UK HE - Janet Strivens, CRA/University of Liverpool, UK
From pilots to a joint national ePortfolio strategy - Veronika Hornung-Prähauser, Salzburg Research Institute, Austria
Implementation of an ePortfolio as a university-wide programme - Jeff Garis, Florida State University, USA
ePortfolio in a regular university chemistry programme - Natasa Brouwer, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Empowering diverse learners through large-scale ePortfolio implementation - Katharine Cummings, Western Michigan University, USA
The European digital portfolio for educators - Gregory Makrides, Intercollege, Cyprus
ePortfolio models and tools - PG Rossi, University of Macerata, Italy.
Using ePortfolio blogs for learning logs - Martin Homik, University of Saarland / DFKI, Germany (recording)
Searching for ePortfolio stickiness - Glenn Johnson, Penn State University, USA (recording)
The NedCar ePortfolio project - Luk Vervenne, Synergetics, Belgium
Coffee break and exhibition
Assessment models and methods
Chair: Marij Veuglers
How organisations develop ePortfolio strategies
Chair: Stuart Cable
Supporting reflection through ePortfolio pedagogy
Chair: Lisa Gray
The added-value of using mobile technologies for ePortfolios
Chair: Elizabeth Hartnell-Young
Facilitating employability
Chair: Don Presant
A 360° review of ePortfolio assessment - Cathy Gunn, University of Auckland, New Zealand (recording)
Reflective assessment with portfolios in New Century College -Darren Cambridge, George Mason University, USA (recording)
Assessing innovative competencies through ePortfolios - Lise Agerbaek, University of Southern Denmark (recording)
Launching ePortfolios for learning, assessment and employment - Jo Ann Thompson, University of Cincinnati, USA
ePortfolio tool as change-agent in the graduate attribute and professional skills arena: an Australian university implementation –Sarah Lambert, University of Wollongong, Australia
ePearl: ePortfolio encouraging active reflection learning -Anne Wade, Concordia University, Canada.
Empowering engineering students self-directed learning.-Tuula-Harriet Kotikoski and Raija Fonselius, Jvaskyla University, Finland.
Towards the m-portfolio - Simon Cotterill, University of Newcastle, UK
Portable reflective entertainment portfolio - Robert Chmielewski, University of Edinburgh, UK.
Returning to work, working to return: using ePortfolios to increase women’s employability in gender segregated occupations - Clem Herman and Gill Kirkup, Open University, UK
ePortfolios for managing employabilityKathryn Chang Barker, FuturEd/LIFIA and Maureen Layte, EIfEL
Individualised job coaching in SwedenKerstin Namuth, Folkuniversitetet, Sweden
eStrategy Challenges
Social dinner

Friday 13 October 2006

Coffee and exhibition
eStrategies for empowering individualsSerge Ravet, EIfEL, France (recording)
Voice and Interactivity in ePortfolios: Digital Stories and Web 2.0Helen Barrett, ePortfolio Consultant, USA (recording)
Discussion with the keynote speakers
Coffee and exhibition
S1 (Social)
Regional and national eStrategies
Chair: Maureen Layte
How to implement ePortfolios successfully at organisational level
Chair: Janet Strivens
Supporting teachers’ professional development
Chair: Ene Tammeoru
Interoperability in action
Chair: Karsten Lundquist
Ethics via ePortfolios
Chair: Darren Cambridge
Implementing an institution-free model of ePortfolio - Angela Smallwood, University of Nottingham and Phil Harley, City of Nottingham, UK.
ePortfolios for lifelong learning communities -
Peter Rees Jones, JISC- CETISand Dave Raney, Nuventive
The Portfolio scene in Dutch higher education -Alex Kemps, Inholland University, The Netherlands
Campus-wide ePortfolio initiative - Jay Killion, University of. Nebraska, USA
The implementation of ePortfolio at Inholland University - Marcel Kemper and Ivo de Boer, Inholland University, The Netherlands
ePortfolio Passport to global citizenship: folio thinking for college seniors - Joan Dominick and Leigh Funk, Kennesaw State University, USA
One stop shop: a cohorts window to the world of ePortfolio -Jenny Woodhams, Emma Purnell, Mandy Staunton and Liander Taylor, University of Wolverhampton, UK
How ePortfolios contribute to the development of students - Sanne Meeder, Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands.
Real world interoperability -linking student management to ePortfolio - Colin Dalziel, Pebble Learning, UK.
EPICS – outcomes of a regional ePortfolio initiative to support lifelong learning - Paul Horner, University of Newcastle, UK
Ethical portfolios: supporting identities and valuesSimon Grant, Information Strategist and Anna Grant, University of Bristol, UK
Empowering learners to work towards leadership, social justice and social change goals - Melissa Peet, University of Michigan, USA (presented by D. Cambridge)
Lunch buffet and exhibition
Knowledge Café
Portfolio models and community building in Dutch higher education: lessons learned by NL ePortfolio
How schools are benefiting from an ePortfolio approach
Chair: PG Rossi
2020 Learning Scenarios
Chair: Shane Sutherland
Moving towards ePortfolio 2.0
Chair: George Siemens
ePortfolio for all
Chair: Carl Holmberg
Implementing a multimedia ePortfolio to support learning - John Pallister, Wolsingham School, UK.
Bottom up meets top down: ePortfolios in schools in Victoria, Australia - Elizabeth Hartnell- Young, University of Nottingham,UK
3 approaches to assessment ePortfolios in UK schools - Karim Derrick, Tag Learning, UK.
ePortfolios as personal learning spaces
Presentation and debate led by Shane Sutherland, University of Wolverhampton, UK.
Technology must follow policy – a technological assessment of lifetime personal web spaces based on policy assumptions - Wolf Hilzensauer, Salzburg Research Institute, Austria  (recording)
Personal learning landscapes - David Tosh and Ben Werdmuller, Curverider
ePortfolio towards eQuality - Keith Baker, Shirley Willams and Karsten Lundquist, EFQUEL and University of Reading
Window to student experiences - Dale Doubleday and Nancy Meyers, Phoenix College, USA
Conference Highlights: delegates' digital stories, testimonies and recommendations for future actions
Conference Close


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