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Conference Committee and Chairs



  Amanda Black
Amanda works for Becta on policy development for e-portfolios, e-assessment and 14-19, all with a view to personalising learning. She works closely with both DfES and JISC to ensure that the potential for lifelong learning support across educational sectors is recognised where possible.

     Darren Cambridge (Chair Session S1)

Darren Cambridge teaches in New Century College of George Mason University and is a leader within the IMS/GLC, the Open Source Portfolio Initiative, and the Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research. He has led portfolio projects at the American Association for Higher Education, EDUCAUSE's National Learning Infrastructure Initiative, and the University of Texas. His research focuses on how people use portfolios for lifelong and lifewide learning.

 Claudio Dondi (Chair Session E1)

Claudio Dondi is the President of SCIENTER – a non-profit research organisation based in Bologna and active Europe-wide in the field of innovation of education and training systems – since its establishment in 1988. In this position his main activities are the co-ordination of large national and European projects, as well as policy advice and evaluation at regional, national and international level. His other positions include: Professor of Human Resource Development at the College of Europe in Bruges (1998 – 2003), Member of the Board of the MENON EEIG (enabling eLearning) in Brussels, Member of the Editorial Boards of the British Journal of Educational Technology and of the European Journal of ODL, Vice-President of Eifel and Vice-President of EDEN.  

  Simon Grant (Chair Session T1)
Simon is an independent visionary consultant for personal information and developmental technology. He has been an educator at many levels. He played major parts in the development of LUSID, an early e-portfolio system, and UKLeaP, an interoperability standard. He and his wife Anna are developing new approaches to technology supporting ethics.

 Lisa Gray (Chair Session PD2)

Lisa Gray is a Programme Manager within the e-Learning team at JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee), and leads on their e-portfolio activity. She has previously worked as a project manager in e-learning at a number of Higher Education institutions in the UK, with a background in health and life science information.

 Elizabeth Hartnell-Young (Chair Session T2)

Elizabeth Hartnell-Young researches in the Learning Sciences Research Institute at the University of Nottingham. Her book, Digital Portfolios: Powerful Tools for Professional Growth and Reflection (2nd edition) will soon be published by Corwin, and she is organising the second ePortfolio Australia conference for March 2007 in Melbourne, as part of an Asia-Pacific Trilogy.


 Carl Holmberg (Chair Session S2)
Carl Holmberg has many years of experiences of research and development work in distance education and flexible learning/e-Learning. Presently he is Adviser to the Director-General, Research and Development within the Swedish Agency for Flexible Learning (CFL). CFL is a change agent in adult education systems in Sweden with the main task to increase flexibility and technology supported solutions for learning. He has chaired European Experts’ Network for Education and Technology for a series of years and is a Member of the Executive Board of European Distance and e-Learning Network. He has also been a senior expert to the Swedish Ministry of Education and Science and has had an advisory role to commissions under that ministry and among other assignments been member of EU Commissions IT expert group.

Veronika Hornung-Prähauser (Chair Session PD1)

Veronika Hornung-Prähauser studied Organisational Development at University of Vienna and Business Administration (WU-Wien). She holds a post.-graduate degree in International and European Relations. Since 2001 she works as project manager and senior researcher at Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft. She heads the research application of EduMedia Innovative Educational Processes and Technologies.
 Stuart Jones (Chair Session P1)
Stuart’s main role is to work with Government and key strategic partners to create policy frameworks which support and sustain change in teaching and learning. He provides support and influence for the embedding of ICT and e-learning within existing and future policy. This includes supporting ICT in schools; sixth forms, further education colleges, work based and adult community based learning programmes. Stuart coordinates and leads Becta’s strategic advice to government on the e-strategy’s Knowledge Architecture, and Becta’s coordination roles for e-portfolios and e-assessment.
 Karsten Oster Lundqvist  (Chair Parallel Session T3)
Karsten Oster Lundqvist is a Research Assistant at the University of Reading. With research interests in the areas of ontologies, conversational agents, competency description, ePortfolios, quality and Web 3.0 technologies. He contributes to a number of research projects, including: TRACE, Triangle and RedGloo.
  Lia Oliveira
Lia Raquel Oliveira lives in the city of Braga in the north of Portugal. Since 1995, she does research and teaches at University of Minho. She has a Phd and a Master degree both in Educational Technology, a Post-graduate degree in Multimedia Educational Communication and a Teaching degree in Portuguese and French. Also, she has been High School Teacher and Professional Trainer. She is interested in mediated communication by all languages and by all structures. She likes storytelling and making movies! She thinks that ePortfolios can turn into great stories all connected in a big moving picture.
 Juan Sola
Juan Sola is Dean of the School of Translation at the University of Vic, Spain. He teaches and researches in computer science translation. He is interested in the use of ePortfolios in higher education. In 2005 he coordinated the organization of an international conference on accessible technologies and ePortfolios in the training of translators.
Ene Tammeoru (Chair Session PD3)
Marij Veugelers (Chair Session P2 and P4)
Marij Veugelers is Project manager Portfolio Implementation at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (since 2000). She was also project manager of the Digital University Portfolio Implementation Instruments Project. She had organized several exchange meetings Portfolio UK-NL in 2004 and 2006. Since September 2004 she is community manager of the Dutch SIG NL Portfolio of the SURF-Foundation


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