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Associated events

Why not make a week of it and attend a series of associated events?

Researching and Evaluating Personal Development Planning and e-Portfolios

An international residential seminar, The Oxford Belfry, Oxfordshire, UK, 9th - 11th October 2006

Organised by the Higher Education Academy, JISC (the Joint Information Systems Committee), in association with the National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research (USA), the SURF Foundation (NL) and presented by the Centre for Recording Achievement (UK), the seminar will explore the implementation of the UK Higher Education Progress File, a unique teaching and learning project and – as a sector wide initiative aimed at implementing a particular framework for capturing and enhancing student learning - a world ‘first’.

More information:

KITE workshop

Due to the known problems of the large scale adoption of the single framework for the transparency of the qualifications and competences, the ease with which the individual will be able to use the electronics documents which form Europass will be a major factor of its adoption.

This is why KITE will evaluate the potential impact of the use of blogs on the adoption process of the Europass-CV. The aim is to evaluate the relevance of the tool as facilitator of its adoption on a large scale: the way that people use the tool as well as the social, economic and political implications of this use.

The partners of the project will take the opportunity of the ePortfolio conference to organise a project meeting and a public workshop.

More information:

The KITE website

A leaflet about the KITE Workshop

Interoperability: Semantic challenges and opportunities in the HR domain

The OOA-HR (Ontology Outreach Advisory, the human resources and employment chapter) is organizing its kick off workshop, as part of the ePortfolio conference, Oxford, October 11, 2006.

The goal of the workshop is to discuss the semantic opportunities and challenges in the HR domain, with a special attention to interoperability and representation of skills. The outcome is expected to become a basis for future collaboration projects among the participants. The expected audience of the workshop includes people from different backgrounds, mainly from the e-learning/HR community (applications/uptakers), the ontology/ semantic web research community (technology/providers), as well as emerging mediating organizations (consulting/enablers).

The OOA is a not-for-profit organization (an initiative of the Knowledge Web NoE), which is devoted to develop strategies for ontology content recommendation, and promote the ontology technology into deferent domains.


More informations: Dr. Mustafa Jarrar, STARLab, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

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