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What the ePortfolio world is saying about ePortfolio 2005


Bruce Landon

For his short report on the eportfolio Plugfest, see his blog entry

Graham Attwell

Read his report on the eportfolio Plugfest and the first day of the conference - here

European Schoolnet:

A report about interoperability and the ePortfolio Plugfest -click here


OSP: Open Source Portfolio

The OSP team was at ePortfolio 2005 as exhibitors and speakers, and they received an interoperability certificate at the plugfest. To read their feedback and see the certificate click here


Elgg: an open source learning landscape platform

Dave Tosh from Elgg updated his weblog with plenty of information from the ePplugfest and conference, including photos.

Ben Werdmuller, also from Elgg, was "live blogging" during Dave's presentation -see his blog


Helen Barrett

Helen has also mentioned ePortfolio 2005 in her blog: read her notes


Dale M Double Day

See the weblog for day 1, 2 and 3.


Misja hoebe

Read his personal blog



Will Wharfe (EIfEL Member):

(extract from email)

"just a quick feedback to congratulate you on an excellent conference.

great for ideas and networking

before I forget there are a couple of areas that I think you might want to consider for the next conference:

1) With UK government promoting ePortfolios in UK schools from 2006 as part of the e-learning strategy, there is going to be a lot of ePortfolio activity in the UK in the schools sector. At the moment the conference is very HE oriented. Would be good to see more schools-oriented activity reflected in the conference presentations and delegates. There is actually a great deal of eportfolio work going on in the schools sector (as you know, MAPS has been going since 2002). Time to look at what's going on in schools!

2) Lessons learned. In general I think that there needs to be more focus on the outcomes of using ePortfolios. What happens when people use them? Who benefits? How? What changes as a result? What are the surprises? I saw a number of presentations about how a system went from design to implementation... and then stopped short of analysing what happened next.

This is often a sensitive issue (eg when no one uses the system) but it is critical.

3) Would be good to have some sessions/ workshops devoted to discussion of an issue/ issues. The uniqueness of the conference is that it brings together people with loads of experience who don't usually work together - I really enjoyed the discussion we had at the end of the Plugfest. Would be great to have some workshops... and why not give people online portfolios so that they can record/reflect what they learned.

Best wishes,

Will Wharfe"


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