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ePortfolio 2005

The conference venue was Robinson College, Cambridge UK, on 26-28 October 2005.

The conference presentations are now available in the conference proceedings on EIfEL main website.

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An ePortfolio plugfest  has taken place on Wednesday 26 October prior to the main conference.

Wednesday 26th October 2005


The first ePortfolio plugfest was organised to present the state of the art of ePortfolio technologies and demonstrate and explore the possibilities for interoperability between ePortfolio platforms and other information systems.

The ePplugfest included:

  • A forum for technicians responsible for the implementation of ePortfolio projects

  • Demonstration of interoperability and cooperation between different ePortfolio platforms and information systems

  • Exploration of an ePortfolio interoperability framework

  • Demonstration of technologies useful for future ePortfolio development

It is organised by the European Portfolio Initiatives Coordination Committee (EPICC) a European project supported by the European Commission and Europortfolio, with the support of EIfEL







Welcome coffee & installation in the Refectory




Opening of the ePplugfest - Serge Ravet, Simon Grant & Marc Van Coillie



Interoperability of portfolio contents- IMS ePortfolio


Implementing IMS ePortfolio specifications for interoperability: the EPICC ePortfolio demonstration platform.


ePortfolio conformance to standards


The TELCERT tool will be demonstrated, and will show how files and packages of information can be shown to be conformant to the interoperability specifications and application profiles.


Profiling ePortfolio tools


Profiling OSPI to the needs of different communities.


Refreshment break in the Refectory


Interoperability of portfolio information - UKLeaP or similar


Exchanging (import & export) ePortfolio packages across different platforms, using UKLeaP or related specifications.


Other approaches to ePortfolio information sharing


A demonstration of web approaches to data input and export to and from ePortfolios using Atom, RSS and FOAF.


Morning discussion


Interactive discussion with the delegates.

all delegates


Lunch in the Refectory


Accessibility, LIP and ACCLIP


Demonstrating the transfer or re-use of accessibility information across platforms.


Transfer of portfolio information by Web Service



The point of this demonstration is to show how web services can be used to allow the transfer of information without human intervention.


Transfer of portfolio information using a dedicated service


There will be a demonstration of a more fully detailed and developed architecture for transferring portfolio information.


Specification development and profiling


HR-XML has a series specifications and working groups relevant to ePortfolios. In this presentation and discussion a member of HR-XML will give a vision talk on lifelong competency framework and its ePortfolio implications.
University of Koblenz will present the German Europass Diploma Supplement application profile build using TELCERT tools.


Refreshment break in the Refectory


ePortfolio and Europass


Demonstration of how to secure online issuing and verification of the Europass Diploma Supplement.


ePortfolio tool futures


Demonstrating P2P ePortfolios and the link between ePortfolios and Knowledge management.




Setting the agenda for eP interoperability: interactive discussion with the delegates.










Cocktail offered by Europortfolio in the Refectory



Please add your comments about the plugfest in the forum and for the ePortfolio Interoperability Framework, in its wiki.


Thursday 27th October 2005

Below is the final programme with links to presentations.


Conference opening


Welcome Address: Greg Watson, Chief Executive, OCR Cambridge (UK) 


The ePortfolio 2010 Roadmap and outcomes of the first ePortfolio plugfest:

Serge Ravet, CEO EIFEL (FR) 


E-portfolios: digital stories of lifelong and lifewide learning



Question time  

11:00 -




Parallel sessions

SESSION 1A: ePortfolios for Assessment




Session moderated by Serge Ravet, EIfEL (France)

  • Mapping capability:lessons learned from providing web-based eportfolios through the Managed Assessment Portfolio System

Will Wharfe and Karim Derrick:TAG Learning (UK)

  •  ePortfolio as a learning and assessment tool for promoting learner autonomy in higher education

Olatz Lopez: University of Barcelona (ES)

  •  Enriching assessment with ePortfolios

Patrick Grant: OCR (UK) 

SESSION 1B: Learning and learners  - Social Inclusion and Accessibility


Session moderated by Bonnie Dudley Edwards, EUS (UK)

  •  The use of e‑portfolios for social inclusion: what counts as valid evidence?

Anna Home: University of Bristol (UK)

  •  Providing a visual tool for dyslexics to build an ePortfolio

John Phelps:Goldsmiths: University of London (UK)

  • ePortfolio: The Accessibility Landscape

Martyn Cooper: the Open University and Andy Heath: Sheffield Hallam University  and IMS Europe (UK)

SESSION 1C: Implementation -

ePortfolios for Teacher Education


Session moderated by Riina Vuorikari; EUN (B)

  • Evolving methods and media for building communities of practice with electronic portfolios in a teacher education context.

(Presented in session 4C) Desmond Rodney: Florida Atlantic University (USA) 

  • The use of ePortfolio to support a learner's journey. Developing reflective practice and personal development

David Cooke: Cannock Chase Technical College (UK)

  • ePortfolios with the Continuing Professional development framework in UK schools

Tony Hudson: CFBT (UK)

SESSION 1D: Technology - ePortfolio specifications, Interoperability and Portability



Session moderated by Fabrizio Giorgini; Giunti Labs (IT)

  •  Portability of ePortfolios

Fabrizio Giorgini: Giunti Labs (IT)

  • Clear e‑portfolio definitions: a prerequisite for effective interoperability

Simon Grant: Information Strategists (UK)


  • Interoperability: possibilities and probabilities

Colin Dalziel: PebblePad  (UK) 



Lunch (Sponsored by Cambridge Assessment our Gold Sponsor) and Exhibition 




Parallel sessions

SESSION 2A: ePortfolios Policies


Session moderated by Claudio Dondi - Scienter (IT)

  • National policies and case studies on the use of portfolios in teacher training 

Tore Hoel and Riina Vuorikari: European Schoolnet (B) 

  • ePortfolios - Governing the emerging relationships between learner narratives and the webs of institutions

James Cornford: Centre for Social and Business Informatics, University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) - Cancelled

  • The ePortfolio as Institutional Strategy

Tom Cochrane: Queensland University of Technology (AUS)

SESSION 2B: ePortfolio learning and learners



Session moderated by Helen Barrett (USA)

  • Research driving policy: Implications of research on eFolio Minnesota for supporting lifelong and lifewide learning with ePortfolios

Darren Cambridge: George Mason University (USA) 

  • Recognising learning: educational and pedagogic issues in e-Portfolios

Graham Attwell: KnowNet Ltd (UK) 

  •  Lessons Learned:  Concepts and Architecture for Developing Epsilen Portfolio Project

Ali Jafari: Indiana University- IUPUI (USA)

SESSION 2C: Implementation - the pedagogical benefits of ePortfolios


Session moderated by Kathryn Chang Barker, LIfIA (CA)

  • Reflections on the implementation and pedagogical efficacy of ePortfolios.

Richard Ingram: University of Dundee (UK) 

  • The implementation of e-Portfolio at INHOLLAND University: results and conclusions, one year after introduction

Marcel Kemper: INHOLLAND University (NL)

  • Not just flashy!

Shane Sutherland: Pebblepad (UK) 

SESSION 2D: Technology - ePortfolios using semantic web and other state of the art technologies



Session moderated by Veronika Hornung-Prähauser, Salzburg Research (A)

  • Topic Maps - an ISO standard for integrating ePortfolio with eCurriculum

Tommy W. Nordeng: Cerpus (NO) 

  • ePortfolios in ActiveMath

Martin Homik: DFKI (DE)

  • Personal and community knowledge management for the new enterprise paradigm

Cécile Bothorel; France Telecom R&D (FR) 




OPEN SESSIONS: Delegates will come together in small groups to discuss key issues and questions in an informal setting. This is a great networking and learning opportunity! 

ePortfolio Challenge: In parallel to the open session there will be a presentation of a mini call for tender  by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research(BMBF), Germany



Kathryn Chang Barker (LIFIA and FuturEd, CA) leads reporters and experts in presenting and discussing the highlights of the first day' sessions  



Coach leaves Robinson College for Social Dinner Venue 



Social Dinner and Barn Dancing at Chilford Hall - Make sure you have registered!

 The social dinner is sponsored by Nuventive our Platinum sponsor

Friday 28th October


The ePortfolio in a national learning strategy

Anne Wright, eLearning Strategy Unit, Department for Education and Skills, England (UK)


ePortfolio user testimonies: an opportunity for the ePortfolio users to speak for themselves!

- Wolverhampton University - user case testimonies (Jim Daley, Julie Hughes and Jane Edwards)


Borderless Learning and Technology 

Dr Linda Delene: Provost of Western Michigan University, introduced by Dave Raney, Nuventive our Platinum Sponsor.

11:00 -



Parallel sessions

SESSION 3A: ePortfolios Policies


Session moderated by Maureen Layte, EIfEL (FR)

  • Towards the lifelong portfolio: the ePortfolio and Europass

Mette Beyer Paulsen:CEDEFOP (GR) 

 ePortfolios for transition and integration - collaborative work in progress in Nottingham's schools, colleges and universities

Philip Harley: City of Nottingham Local Education Authority and Angela Smallwood: University of Nottingham (UK)

  • e-enabling teaching, learning and assessment- a national perspective on defining e-portfolios

Stuart Jones: BECTA (UK) 

SESSION 3B: Learning and learners


Session moderated by Serge Ravet, EIfEL (FR)

  • DigOport: tool for quality assurance in higher (arts) education

Joke Oosterhuis-Geers The ArtEZ, Institute of Arts (NL) 

  • Toward a specification for electronic portfolios for groups

Zinan Guo: University of Saskatchewan (CA) 

  • Creation of a learning landscape: homogenizing weblogging, social networking and e-portfolios

David Tosh: University of  Edinburgh (UK)

SESSION 3C: Implementation  - ePortfolios in Medical Education


Session moderated by Barbara Alessandrini, IZS (IT)

  •  Implementing ePortfolios: adapting technology to suit pedagogy and not vice-versa

Simon Cotterill; School of Medical Education Development, University of Newcastle (UK) 

  • A pilot e-Portfolio for postgraduate medical trainees

Alex Haig; NHS Education for Scotland (UK) 

  •  ePortfolio in medical education: a student's view

Lisette Romme; Maastricht Univ. (NL) 

SESSION 3D: ePortfolios for Professional Development 


Session moderated by   Victor Leginsky, LIfIA (CA)

  • Using eportfolio to Change an Appraisal Culture to Performance Management

Alison Halstead. University of Wolverhampton (UK)

  • Portfolio as a tool for academic education and professional development: problems and challenges

 Wilfred Rubens:  IVLOS Institute of Education, Utrecht University (NL) 

  • Potential of using ePortfolio methods for evaluation of educators' ICT Competence

Vainas Brazdeikis, Kaunas University of Technology (LT)




Parallel sessions

SESSION 4A: ePortfolios for work


Session moderated by Theresa Correia; Scottish Enterprise (UK)

  •  ePortfolios for Skilled Immigrants

Kathryn Chang Barker: LIfIA (CA)

  • Retail Detail: a tailored ePortfolio solution for a complete industry sector

Rob Arntsen: My Knowledge Map (UK)

SESSION 4B: Learning and learners - ePortfolios in schools (K-12)


Session moderated by

Ene Tammeoru; Estonian e-University

  • ePortfolio work in progress

Kevin Nelson. Australian Science and Maths School (AUS) 

  • Digital portfolios: a dozen lessons from a dozen years

David Nuguidula Ideas consulting (USA)

  • Building ePortfolios as a Means for Meaningful Learning

Lisbet Rønningsbakk: Tromsø University College (NO)

  •  ePortfolios, assessment for learning and improved learning outcomes - lessons from the field

Andrew Flowerdew: Stoke-on-Trent LEA (UK) - TBC


The challenges of ePortfolio implementation in Higher Education


Session Moderated by Angela Baker, EIFEL (FR)

  • The challenges of programmatic implementation: strategies for transforming a curriculum

Glenn Johnson: Penn State University (USA) 

  • ePortfolio and educational change in higher education

Erik Ploeger Windesheim University (NL)

  • Asking important questions: research on the influence of electronic portfolios on student learning.

Barbara Cambridge: National Coalition on Electronic Portfolio Research (USA)


(Self) Assessment


Session moderated by Maureen Layte, EIfEL (FR)

  •  Active learning and e-portfolio assessment

Tony Wheeler, Ian Williams and Richard Kimbell : Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (UK)  

  •  EAQUALS-ALTE electronic European Language Portfolio: from pilot project to validation

Barbara Stevens: ALTE (UK)



Conference conclusions and steps towards the ePortfolio 2010 Roadmap: 

Serge Ravet and Maureen Layte: EIFEL and Europortfolio



End of Conference

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