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Open Space Conference

The open space sessions will take place in the exhibition hall as follows:

    1. Delegates will be requested to choose one of the themes listed below and group themselves around the table dedicated to this theme (themes will be posted on each table). Alternatively, you can organise your own session, adding, merging or splitting theme(s) and advertise it in the open space. Delegates are free to move from one table to another as they wish within the hour and a half time slot.
    2. Each table should nominate a moderator and a rapporteur at the start of the session. Moderators are expected to chair the session to encourage all delegates contribute to the discussion. Rapporteurs (who may also be the moderator) will be asked to feedback at the final plenary session presenting one key issue and one key action to be undertaken arising from the table's discussions. Some moderators have already been identified and are indicated below.

Thursday 28 October




Issues identified - to be expanded




How can ePortfolios motivate traditional and non-traditional learners to learn? What are the pedagogical benefits of an ePortfolio? What pedagogical strategies to maximise the benefits of ePortfolios? How can ePortfolios be effective in generating, recording, and assessing learning? How can ePortfolios contribute to building individualised learning experiences, taking into account learning styles? Are ePortfolios suitable for all learners?




What is the impact of ePortfolios on schools? Are some schools better prepared than others? Should the skill-set of teachers evolve? What curriculum strategies for implementing ePortfolios effectively? Are ePortfolios for learners only, or should they be for all the staff (teachers, trainers, assistants, managers, etc.)?

Riina Vuorikari


Higher education

What are the benefits of ePortfolios for admissions to Higher Education? How can ePortfolios transform higher education? Are some curricula more fit for ePortfolios than others? What are the enabling and disabling factors? How can we link ePortfolios to research and university knowledge management? What curriculum strategies for implementing ePortfolios effectively?

Jan Van Tartwijk


Continuing professional development

How can ePortfolios transform CPD from 'ticking boxes' after attending a course to 'extracting learning from the workplace' and sharing it within a professional community? Should professional bodies provide ePortfolios to their members? Should trade unions host ePortfolios of knowledge workers?



Lifelong learning

How similar/different are ePortfolios when used at school, at university or at work? How can ePortfolios support informal and non-formal learning? How can ePortfolios be used to plan and integrate lifelong learning experiences?



Organisational and community  learning

How can ePortfolios be used to share and validate knowledge across communities? How do ePortfolios improve organisational learning? How can ePortfolios contribute to knowledge management? In what ways do organisational/community portfolios contribute to an organisation's / community's development and record its mission and outcomes?



Human Capital Assets Management

How can ePortfolios be used to manage the workforce? Why should HR professionals encourage employees to develop an ePortfolio? What are the benefits and the risks for the individual and the organisation?

Kathryn Chang Barker



How can ePortfolios effectively support accreditation of prior learning? Are awarding bodies ready? Can ePortfolios provide a more flexible 'bite size' certification process? Is it a risk or an opportunity?




How can ePortfolios contribute to both formative and summative assessment? Can and should ePortfolios replace or complement exams and tests? How can ePortfolios reinforce authenticity of evidence produced? What are the risks?




Friday 29 October



Digital story telling

How can ePortfolios tell the story of a person or a community? How can a story provide a holistic view of an individual? Should we tell just one story or different stories, depending on the audience?

Helen Barrett


Public policies

What should be the role of Public authorities (national, regional, local)? How can ePortfolios provide dashboards for policy makers? Should public authorities host ePortfolios? Should they provide 'free' ePortfolios to their citizens? What funding model for sustainability?

Rheinallt Jones


Organisational policies

What are the values and rationale (purpose) for implementing an ePortfolio policy? What are the key challenges faced by organisations in implementing ePortfolios - staff competencies, process reengineering, etc.? What are the institutional policy implications (e.g., intellectual property, document confidentiality, etc.)? What are the education and training systems issues associated with ePortfolios?




What kind of new competencies do ePortfolios require from learners, educators, teachers, trainers, administrators and human resource managers? Is it just the 'training' or 'teaching' staff, or is it all the staff who need to get upskilled? How can ePortfolios raise the level of basic skills?

Maureen Layte


Quality assurance

How can we define the quality of ePortfolio services and tools? What standards do we need (technical -interoperability), organisational, individual competencies) to implement ePortfolio QA?

Kathryn Chang Barker


Architecture & interoperability

What kind of architecture for ePortfolios? Centralised vs. decentralised; peer-to-Peer (P2P)? What kind of new technology is required to provide the full benefits of ePortfolios? What is the impact of the integration of the ePortfolios in the organisation's information system on the quality of the learning management? Are ePortfolios systems stand-alone applications or should they be integrated into existing enterprise resource planning systems, HR systems, learning and content management systems (ERP, HRIS, LMS, CMS)?




How can ePortfolios value the human capital of people with disabilities? How can ePortfolios facilitate the communication for people with disabilities? What are the requirements for ePortfolio tools to make them accessible to different kind of impairments (physical, cognitive)?

Andy Heath



Are there cultural issues linked to ePortfolio? Are there ePortfolio 'traits' specific to cultures such as a North American ePortfolios vs. European ePortfolios? An Anglo-Saxon vs. 'Latin' ePortfolios? Schools vs. Higher vs. further vs. continuing education?




How can ePortfolios help the management of intellectual property rights (IPR)? How can IPR from others be protected when a portfolio makes reference to external sources? How to manage the rights of documents shared across multiple ePortfolios (group work?) Can ePortfolios become IPR management tools?



Ethics and privacy

What are the ethical, security, access and privacy issues associated with ePortfolios? How do we maintain the required levels of privacy on personal data? Who can see what, when, for how long?

How do we enforce an ethical use of data collected? How do we help learners make informed choices about the self-disclosure enabled by ePortfolios?



Market Place

What are the support and long-term maintenance implications (financial models, storage and archiving, lifelong portfolios)?  What role for Open Source, free and commercial software? What level of interoperability is required to make ePortfolios useful for individuals, organisations and communities?  How to make the right investment, in the right technology? How can buyers influence vendors to meet their institutional needs? What kind of new services can be provided through ePortfolios?



En langue française



Questions identifiées - à amender




Comment le ePortfolio peut-il contribuer à la validation des acquis de l'expérience ?

Jean-Pierre Corveler


ePortfolio Pilote

Quelles sont les conditions de mise en œuvre d'un ePortfolio dans un projet Pilote ?

Marc Van Coillie


Bilans de competences

Comment intégrer le ePortfolio dans les bilans de compétences ?






Reporting form

Please return the reporting form to the conference desk after the plenary reporting and before the end of the conference.


Thanks in advance.




Rapporteur's name


What are the key issues / questions identified by the group?


What are the key actions that should be undertaken?



write in one paragraph or two a summary of the open space discussion that will be included in the conference proceedings



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