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ePortfolio 2003

ePortfolio 2003, the first international ePortfolio conference, Poitiers

About ePortfolio 2003, Poitiers France

General feedback from participants has been most enthusiastic. The opportunity to explore this important subject over two days and to see how it is being used in different sectors was clearly appreciated. The challenge of arriving at an acceptable working definition of the e-Portfolio that indicates what it is and what it is not still lies ahead and will be one of the first to be tackled by the European Consortium for the ePortfolio!

Some of the results of ePortfolio 2003

  • Progress on interoperability: the EPICC project (European Initiatives Co-ordination Committee)
  • Creation of the European Consortium for the ePortfolio (Europortfolio)
  • Organisation of national events worldwide to place ePortfolio developments in the national context.
  • Work on competencies for ePortfolios
  • Development of seminars for different sectors
  • Strengthened international links

The conference is available on video.

The sound for the first keynote is provided both in French and English, but all other sessions are in English.

Conference programme




Thursday 9 October


Registration and Coffee


Welcome and introduction to the Conference

Daniel Bontoux, Vice Président de la Région Poitou Charentes

François Peccoud, Président UTC, Président EIfEL

Serge Ravet, CEO EIfEL


The ePortfolio - a revolutionary tool for education and training?

Helen Barrett, University of Alaska




The ePortfolio for a Learning Society

Werner Herrmann, CEDEFOP




Coffee break, exhibition visit


Introducing the ePortfolio: What is it? What is it for?

The ePortfolio for teachers & tutors

Implementing the ePortfolio in regions and cities

The components of an ePortfolio infrastructure


Elizabeth Hartnell-Young, Melbourne University and Marja Kankaanranta, University of Jyväskylä

Jan van Tartwijk, Utrecht University and William Roberson, University of Texas

Linda Tomos, CyMAL, Wales, John Cunningham, Scottish Enterprise and Patrick Chevalier, E4L/EIFEL

Darren Cambridge, AAHE and Paul Ross, University of Denver


Lunch, exhibition visit, special interest groups meeting


Tools for beginners: the range of ePortfolio technology

The ePortfolio for learning communities

Implementing the ePortfolio in schools and higher education

Choosing the right portfolio tools and platform


Paul Ross and Jan Van Tartwijk

Christopher Tan, Knowledge Community Ltd and Darren Cambridge AAHE

Barbara Cambridge, AAHE and Julanna Gilbert, University of Denver

Helen Barrett, University of Alaska


Coffee break, exhibition visit


Learning strategies and the ePortfolio

Barbara Cambridge (Chair), Elizabeth Hartnell-Young, Helen Barrett, Christopher Tan, Margaret Christopoulos, UFI/LearnDirect



end day 1


Gala Dinner



Friday 10 October


Linking eLearning and accountability

Barbara Cambridge, AAHE



The future of ePortfolio technology

Darren Cambridge, AAHE



The ePortfolio: a knowledge management tool for workers and employers

Kathryn Chang Barker, FuturEd



Coffee break, exhibition visit


Authentic assessment and recognition of prior experience

The pupil and student portfolio

Implementing the ePortfolio in the corporate sector: strategy and practice


Erik Driessen, University of Maastricht and Phil Cottam, CETD

Marja Kankaanranta, University of Jyväskylä and Christopher Tan

David Dawson Pick, BBC, Stuart Cable, Royal College of Nursing and Margaret Christopoulos, UFI/LearnDirect


Lunch, exhibition visit, special interest groups meeting


Implementing the ePortfolio in continuing professional development

EPortfolio quality standards: assuring quality learning

ePortfolio technology and services Showcase


Stuart Cable, Royal College of Nursing, David Dawson Pick, BBC and Elizabeth Hartnell-Young

Kathryn Chang-Barker and Maureen Layte

Conference exhibitors


Coffee break, exhibition visit


The future for the ePortfolio: a programme for the ePortfolio consortia

Serge Ravet (Chair), Maureen Layte, Linda Tomos, Werner Herrmann, Darren Cambridge, Katherine Barker, David Dawson-Pick, Erik Driessen


Closing Cocktail





 Practice oriented workshops


 Tools oriented workshops


 Strategy oriented workshops


 Keynotes and panel discussions

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