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Speakers profile

Short bio of speakers and main participants information.

  • Bartkus Kim, HR-XML (United States)

Kim Bartkus is the HR-XML Consortium’s Director of Standards and Certification. Ms. Bartkus’ primary responsibilities include educating the HR industry on the impact and value of HR-XML standards. She has spoken at numerous European and domestic venues, presenting a wide range of topics relating to standards within the HR Industry. Ms. Bartkus has worked in Information Technology for over 20 years, with her most recent focus in the Human Resource industry. Ms. Bartkus holds a Bachelor of Science in business management and a Master’s in computer information technology, both from Regis University.

The HR-XML Consortium, Inc. ( is the recognized authority on, and leading source of, global interoperability standards for human resources management.
This presentation will review the recent and upcoming work of the HR-XML Consortium. Kim Bartkus will discuss the 2007 April release of the HR-XML standards, specifically the enhancements which affect the Resume Specification.  She will also introduce the new 3.0 architecture, including the history behind this non-backwards compatible release, the new file structure, and a sample staffing schema.

Teetz Ingolf, Milk&Zucker (Germany)

Ingolf Teetz is Milk&Zucker's CTO. 

Ingolf Teetz, graduated in physics in 1998, is founder and Chief Technical Officer for milch & zucker, a provider of e-recruitment and recruitment marketing solutions, with offices in Bad Nauheim and Hamburg, Germany.

Ingolf is vice president of the hr-xml consortium European chapter and member of the board of directors of the hr-xml consortium.

Along with managing the operational business within the company he is mainly responsible for developing milch & zucker's software BeeSite and strengthening technology partnerships. Since 2000 milch & zucker is a specialist for HR websites/job boards and applicant tracking software. The first major implementation of HR-XML (SEP) was accomplished in the framework of the JobStairs project in 2003, followed by many others.

Ketchell John, CEN (Belgium)

John Ketchell is the CEN Director of Pre-Standards, informal standardization activities suited to fast-moving technologies, experimental activities or new areas of standardization, through open Workshops. He joined CEN in 1997, and initially ran CEN’s Information Society Standardization System (ISSS), as the focal point for European standards-making for IT applications. Previously, he had been responsible for external coordination of the activities of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and Secretary to the European Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Standards Board (ICTSB) from its inception. An economist and linguist, John's previously worked in the United Kingdom administration, with a marked bias towards European Union matters.


Ar Foll Fulup, SUN (France)

Represents Liberty Alliance consortium and Liberty's eGov SIG.
I'm currently working for Sun Microsystems, my education background is a master from French Military School in Computer Science. Before joining Sun he was a research engineer for the French DoD and taught at South Brittany University. For Sun I've been the lead Internet Architect for many European projects. In the recent past I helped governments to move toward Liberty Alliance Federated model.  I'm currently master architect inside Sun global software practice and focus on federated identity problematic. I represents Sun global software practice inside Liberty Alliance Technology Expert Group standardization comity and works as lead architect for major identity projects at a world wide level. 

Kellomaki Sampo, Symlabs (Portugal)

Represents Liberty Alliance consortium
Sampo Kellomäki, is a co-founder and the Identity Architect at Symlabs, where he is the driver of their identity management strategy. He is the architect of Directory Extender, which caters to identity management middleware and virtual directory layers, as well as the Symlabs federated identity management product family of Telco-grade front-end IdM solutions.

Prior to Symlabs, Mr. Kellomäki carried out high profile consultancy assignments in the Telco, ISP, and Financial industries that focused on subscriber databases and service platform integration. His previous assignments as security administrator, chief software engineer, and the 
master architect for a major newspaper's content management system, provide a solid foundation for his present responsibilities.

Mr. Kellomäki holds MSc/CS degree from Helsinki University of Technology and is currently working towards his Ph.D. 


Van Coillie Marc, EIfEL (France)

Marc Van Coillie is EIfEL's CTO.

Marc Van Coillie, graduated in multimedia information system in 1996, is Chief Technical Officer for EIfEL since 2004. He has worked with France Telecom Research & Development on several projects about eLearning and Knowledge Managment as standard and interoperability expert and before as the project manager for AFT-IFTIM (vocational training company in Transport and logistic) for managing the multimedia edition staff.

Interoperability expertise:

  • Plugfests organisation (ePortfolio conferences, LifeFest, iLearningForum)
  • Expert for the CEN/ISSS WS LT (co-author of a Common Workshop Agreement about Application Profiling for increasing interoperability)
  • Participation in European project TELCERT (Technology Enhanced Learning: Conformance - European Requirements & Testing)
  • Leader of the Europass WG of HR-XML Europe
  • Member of IEEE / LTSC Compentency WG 

Charles Alex, SkillsMarket (UK)

Alex Charles is SkillsMarket's Director.

Alex is one of the founders of SkillsMarket, Europe's most widely adopted Online CV data exchange (iProfile) with over 2 million members including 7% of the UK working population and many of the UK's leading staffing providers. His background as an IT contractor, working in fields such as HR and Banking, have helped him to innovate new solutions that address issues facing the staffing sector. He is a founding director of the HR-XML consortium for Europe, which promotes the standard XML schema use throughout the HR community. Alex also chairs the ATSCo IT Directors forum (Association of Technology Staffing Companies) where common strategic IT, product and service issues are discussed.

Philip Stéphane, Lingway (France)

Stéphane Philip is Lingway's Sales Manager. Age 35; Master’s degree in computer science. Founded e-manation, a software company specialized in automated resume processing solutions in 2001, where he was also head of business development. Joined Lingway at the end of 2006, following the acquisition of e-manation, in order to develop Lingway’s e-Recruitment activities. Worked at the University of Nantes for several years as a systems and networks engineer.

Hugues de MAZANCOURT, Lingway (France)

Hugues de Mazancourt is Lingway's CTO. Age 40, graduate of ENSTA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées - School for Advanced Technical Studies, Paris), DEA (Master’s Degree), 1989. Specialist in NLP and software development. As Lingway’s CTO, coordinates a team of developers working on parsers, dictionaries and grammars. Hugues de Mazancourt is the driving force in the design of Lingway linguistic methods and technology. 

Ravet Serge, EIfEL (France)

Serge Ravet is EIfEL's CEO.

Serge Ravet is Chief Executive of the European Institute for E-Learning (EIfEL), and Vice-President of the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning (EFQUEL). Combining both technological (computer science graduate) and pedagogical expertise (20 years experience in training and human resources development) with working experience in Europe and the US, he is retained as an expert in the assessment of research projects for a French government agency and the European Commission. Publications include ‘Technology-based Training’ (Kogan Page, 1997);‘Valider les Compétences avec les NVQs’ (DEMOS, 1999); a Guide to eLearning Solutions (2001) and numerous articles on eLearning, competencies, quality and ePortfolios. 

Simon Yves, Hémisphère (France)

Yves Simon is Amoweba's CEO and currently working with Hemisphere/ITS Group as Fast Search&Transfer partnership and sales development coordinator (Fast is a norwegian company ww leader in the professional Search Engine market).
Amoweba was a cognitive sciences applications and services company. It’s original project was a peer to peer social book marking tool: human-links. Overtime, Amoweba acquired 2 other companies (Novadis-Services SARL in 2001 that was developing services in cognitive services and eyetracking, Voyez-Vous SA in 2003 that was specialized in dynamic mapping tools technology development including Mapstan).
Amoweba total investment over a 4 years period reached 4 million euros including 1 million euros from private venture, 1,2 millions euros from public funding agencies (anvar, cri …), a million euros total sales … Amoweba transferred all technological assets in july 2004 to a company called Social Computing.
Sample clients: FT, Schneider, Ipsos, BNP, Eurocontrol, Lafarge, DGA, CRVS, P&G, Cegos, MeetinParis (CCIP), EADS …
Sample partners: Wanadoo / Voila, (Free),, (Yahoo), Sinequa , Mailwatcher, savoirs en réseau … 

Ducoulombier Nicolas, Les Développements Durables (France)

Nicolas Ducoulombier has a Computer Science degree from the university of South Australia. He is one of the founder of "Les Développements Durables", a company specialised in free software. Since 2003 he is in charge of project management for "Les Développements Durables". He is also since 2004 the president of the Gnu/Linux User group of the Basque country. "Les Développements Durables" are involved in the European Leonardo Project Kite which include the development of an opensource CV plugin.

Ducamp Christophe, (France)

Will present the hResume MicroFormat. 

Müller-Riedlhuber Heidemarie, 3s research laboratory (Austria)

Heidemarie Müller-Riedlhuber is project coordinator of the “European Dictionary of Skills and Competencies” (DISCO) at 3s Unternehmensberatung in Vienna.
She graduated in Russian language in 1992 (Mag. phil) and in Project Management for Electronic Publishing in 2000 (MAS). Before joining 3s she was project manager for the European Music Navigator developed by IAMIC and product development manager for blended learning material and E-learning at Manz Verlag Schulbuch.
At 3s she is along with DISCO responsible for several innovative projects in the field of skills and competencies, labour market, qualification and education. Within DISCO the focus of her work is concentrated on:
- development of a multilingual thesaurus for skills and competencies
- development of an online tool offering simple term search and translation as well as features for the creation and translation of CV and Mobility pass documents and job advertisements
- development of webservices for the integration of DISCO into other portals
- production of a multilingual print version of DISCO

The presentation will focus on the description of the DISCO project and the services provided online. Information will be given on the development of our multilingual Dictionary of Skills and Competencies based on already exisiting national partner thesauri as well as international catalogues and standards. The main features of the DISCO online tool will be explained: term search and term translation, browse function for experts and profiling tools for the creation and translation of e-portfolio documents like Europass CVs or Mobility passes.

Ruiz Jean-François, (France)

Jean-François Ruiz is the Managing Director of since October 2006, master's degree in computer sciences and networks. He's one the most know Web 2.0 Evangelist in france because of his dedicated blog : . is a people search engine with a online presence optimisation tool. Ziki have more than 13000 members from 160 countries. Members have rich profiles on what they can gather all relevant informations about them , aggregate their external content and reassemble their digital life in one single point of identity. The profile can contains a bio, social networks links, contents from other websites (via RSS syndication), IMs & contacts details... This profile could be placed freely on top of search engines results to help members to promote their identity online and help others to find and contact them directly when people are searching for them on the web. The goal of ziki search engine is to offer the best to find and contact people around the web for free.

Boujraf Abdelkrim, Unisys (Belgium)

Abdelkrim Boujraf holds a Computer Sciences degree and a Master in Business Administration and Human Sciences. Abdelkrim has a strong expertise in Document, Knowledge and Content management systems. 
He's working for Unisys as Senior Consultant for the Management Consulting team working with the European Commission on Free Libre Open Source Software studies, Judicial and Health and Consumer protection projects; He is also Project Manager of a Research Project called R4eGOV, the project is partly funded by the European Commission through the Framework Programme 6. The project studies the feasibility to execute Workflows cross organisations taking into account their Security, their Semantic and their Interoperability constraints.

What is the first question an employer asks to the IT candidate when he/she applies for a job?
How can you, as a company find the dream team that could best suit to the need of your (potential) customer?
Those two needs seem unrelated but they can be answered thanks to HR-XML and results of research on genetic algorithms developed by a Spin-off of the Free University of Brussels developing solutions "to build and maintain communities of interests in order to enable companies to dynamically share knowledge across geographical and organisational borders".

Other participants:

European Commission:

European countries:

- Belgium:

  • Le Forem
  • VDAB (Vlaamse Dienst voor Beroepsopleiding en Arbeidsbemiddeling)

- Czech Repbulic:

- France:

- Ireland:

- Spain:

- Sweden:

- United Kingdom:

  • JISC-CETIS (Joint Information Systems Committee - Centre for Educational Technology
    & Interoperability Standards)
  • Newcastle University (School of Medical Education Development)

Media Partner:

- France:


Others partners and systems presented during demonstrations by EIfEL:

  • Lasso, Authentic (from Entr'Ouvert - France), Member of Liberty Alliance
    Lasso is a Liberty Alliance certified open-source Library
    Authentic is the related Identity Provider system
  • EuroCV (Italy, EuroCv is a European non-profit organisation based in Italy. EuroCV is a free service which helps the users to keep a copy of the Curriculum Vitae in a free web space without ads and banners. EuroCv uses the Europass format as a standard. Such format is compatible with the systems already proposed by Europass, but it also offers the possibility of sharing the curriculum through the web by a simple link).
    EuroCV Soap api interoperability will be used by EIfEL during one of the demonstration session.
  • CareerBuilder (USA), CareerBuilder SOAP API will be used by EIfEL during one of the demonstration session.


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