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Provisional programme. The seminar takes place over 1,5 days, starting on Monday 18 June 2007 afternoon.

The CV Seminar is based on:


Monday, 18 June

13:00 Registration and welcome coffee
13:30  Introduction - Scenarios for CV interoperability and exploitation

WS1 - What are the main industry specifications available today for HR and Identity management ?

16:00 Coffee break

WS2 - What services should we expect from technology providers?

Round tables with participants on expectations for: 

  • Ministry of labour
  • Job boards and employment agencies
  • Employers
  • HR technology providers
 18:00  Close

 Tuesday, 19 June

8:30 Welcome coffee
9:00 WS3 - Profiling jobs and employees: standards of competence, job & competency taxonomies, ontologies; job profile and domain extensions
10:30 Coffee break

WS4 - Exploiting and enriching profile data through interoperability and new services

 13:00 Lunch
WS5 - Federation of identities and services

A group of IT experts (Sampo Kellomaki - Symlabs, Marc Van Coillie and Serge Ravet - EIfEL) and decision makers will address the following challenges:

  • Identity and services federation for jobseekers, employees and HR taking nto account enterprise IT architecture as well as online (Web 2.0) needs
  • Securing CV data exchange and privacy using Web Service Framework
  • Anonymous CV

WS6 - European Standardisation

John Ketchell - CEN

Coffee break
WS 6 - Action planning and conclusions

Based on the information collected during the seminar, the participants are invited to work in thematic groups to make proposals for future work in the field of interoperability, standards and technology/services development.

  • Interoperability needs and scenarios,
  • CV profiles (new requirements and needed extensions for HE, Researchers, or other domains like IT...)
  • Job profiles (in order to ease cv profile matching)
  • Requirements for HR-XML spec v3
17:00 Close

Results from the seminar will be transmitted to interoperability experts and standardisation bodies.

The seminar is hosted by IMI (Institut du Management de l'Information).

62, boulevard de Sébastopol
75004 Paris

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