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About HCSIT Summit 2007

he Human Capital and Social Innovation Technology Summit is a unique event in Europe connecting ideas, people and organisations in the field of digital technologies and human capital. It brings together policy-makers, researchers, educators, trainers, human resource managers and technologists interested to exploring the human factor in the development and implementation of digital technologies.

Who should attend the 2007 HCSIT Summit ?

The Summit is expected to bring together over 500 delegates from 35 countries.

Delegates are decision makers from the human resource, employment and industry sectors, the  education and training sector,  as well as public authorities.

Objective of the Summit

The objective of the 2007 HSCIT Summit is to explore the role technologies play, and could play, in the field of learning and development. It aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners, education and industry as well as policy makers.

Its scope is to explore the role technologies play in supporting:

  • learning individuals
  • learning communities
  • learning organisations
  • learning territories (regions and cities)

We believe that it is by looking transversaly across those different dimensions of learning that we will be able to elicit emerging patterns and provide a framework for innovation and development. This is why this Summit starts by addressing digital identity management and privacy, a global societal issue conditionning a whole range of applications, and ends with ePortfolios which is an issue for individuals, educational institutions as well as employers and public authorities - e.g. for accreditation of prior learning (APL). Human resources technologies, standards and interoperability will also be at the heart of the conference.

The Summit builds on the growing success of the annual International ePortfolio conferences (2003-2006) and the series of conferences on learning regions and cities (2003-2005).

It is supported by EIfEL, HR-XML, Liberty Alliance, FING and OOA.

Why Maastricht?

After France then United Kingdom, EIfEL has chosen The Netherlands as next hosting country for the 5th ePortfolio International conference. Our choice recognises the leadership The Netherlands plays in Europe and the strong commitment of the Dutch ePortfolio community to make this event a European and international success, a key milestone on the path towards the objective to provide every citizen, community and organisation with the best possible technology to develop individual and social capital, support economic growth and inclusion, encourage quality and innovation.

We believe that with the committment of the Limburg Provincie and the city of Maastricht, we will be able to expand the ePortfolio conference into a Summit that will have an even greater impact on the adoption of innovative learning technologies.

Maastricht Celebrates Europe


Maastricht celebrates Europe

Two European treaties... Two European milestones...

Fifty years ago: the Treaty of Rome.
Fifteen years ago: the Treaty of Maastricht.
Historic events that deserve to be celebrated!

And this is exactly what Maastricht will be doing in 2007, with an extensive programme of festivities in collaboration with industries and businesses, administrators, public institutions and cultural organisations within
the European Union.

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