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Presentation Format

A variety of presentation modes is invited for both the academic and the practitioner tracks.

Each submission must explicitly address at least one of the issues/challenges. During the sessions the presenters will have the opportunity to state their individual contribution to these issues that will be the input for further debate and recommendations.

Academic track (full and short paper submissions)

Contributions submitted should include a title, a 200 words abstract and references.

  • Short paper: short description of ongoing or beginning work, topics for discussion, position papers, thesis descriptions. Length: 4 pages (A4, single spaced, times new roman 10) including figures, tables and references

  • Full paper: full papers are detailed descriptions of scientific work. Length: 8 pages

Practitioner track (case studies, work in progress and posters)

Contributions are submitted with a 'long abstract' (up to 1,500 words) and should include a title, a 200 words 'short abstract' and references.
  • Case study (2-5 pages) – with or without 10-20 minutes presentation, including question time

  • Work-in-progress (2- 5 pages) – with or without 10 minutes presentation, including question time

  • Poster - A1 format – a space will be provided in the exhibition area

Submission of contributions

On submission of abstract, the preferred mode may be specified, but depending on the topic and input from other contributors, delegates may be invited to submit in another mode. Whatever the mode, all presenters will be invited to contribute a fuller text version on their chosen topic to be edited for publication in print and in shortened form for the ePortfolio 2007 conference website.

NB1: the selection for the practitioner track is based on a long abstract (up to 1,500 words) while the selection for the academic track is based on the long or short paper itself (hence an abstract limited to 200 words).

NB2: the conference management tool ( provides a special field for abstracts. This is where abstracts have to be submitted. No abstract file should be uploaded, only presentations and contributions (papers, short papers, presentation files, etc.).

NB3: while it is possible for an author to present 2 (or more) submissions in the different tracks, it is not possible to submit the same or similar submissions in 2 different tracks.

'Long abstract' suggested headings (for practitioner track)

  • Background or context
  • Objectives
  • Summary of results
  • Conclusions and recommendations


All abstracts are to be submitted using our conference management service

To submit an abstract,
please create an account on

Read also
Instructions for Submitting Author

Before preparing your abstract carefully study the instructions given below:
  1. Abstracts mus be submitted using our conference management service.
  2. The abstract should not contain charts, graphics, references, or credits.
  3. Abstracts will not be edited by the conference organiser. Before submitting your abstract, check carefully to make sure it contains no spelling or typographical errors.
  4. An untidy abstract will not be included in the programme.  
  5. Authors must state which format they wish their presentation to be considered as.
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