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The First Human Capital and Social Innovation Technology Summit, Maastricht 16-19 October 2007

The Human Capital and Social Innovation Technology Summit is a unique event in Europe connecting ideas, people and organisations in the field of digital technologies and human capital. It brings together policy-makers, researchers, educators, trainers, human resource managers and technologists interested in exploring the human factor in the development and implementation of digital technologies.

The Summit aims at an in-depth and broad exploration of the societal, organisational and individual issues linked to digital technologies - and result in real outcomes. Past events have resulted in the creation of national and international networks, contribution to policies, the launch of the ePortfolio for All campaign, progress in interoperability through the organisation of Plugfests, transnational projects and numerous publications.

The aims of this year’s Summit is to bring together the world of ePortfolio, digital identity management, human resources and lifelong learning and focus in particular on the role of technologies in the development and implementation of employability and lifelong learning.

Summit events

    • DIP 2007 - Digital Identity and Privacy
    • eP 2007 BannerePortfolio 2007 - Employability and Lifelong Learning in the Knowledge Society. The 5th international conference on ePortfolio and learning technologies.
    • ePortfolio Plugfest 2007 - State of art of interoperability in the field of ePortfolio with a special focus on integration with HR systems for employability.
    • HR Technology 2007 - the autumn annual conference of HR-XML consortium and a series of workshops on human resources technologies organised by:
      • HR-XML - the HR technologies standardisation body
      • Prolix - align learning with business processes
      • TENCompetence - infrastructures to support individuals, groups and organisations in lifelong competence development
      • OOA - Ontology Outreach Advisory
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