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Events and conferences

EIfEL events and conferences
Conference and seminar services
Our conferences  target delegates with interests in:
  • Learning and HR strategy and practice
  • Learning organisations and learning communities
  • Learning and knowledge technologies
  • ePortfolio and digital identity
  • Competency management and development
  • Key skills and skills for life
  • Continuing professional development
  • Interoperability and conformance testing



About EIfEL

EIfEL is an independent, not-for-profit European professional association whose mission is to support organisations providing or using technologies to support individual and organisational learning. To achieve its mission EIfEL works with members and partners from initial, higher and continuing education, businesses and regional and national authorities.

The Institute organises research activities and projects, special interest groups, workshops and seminars. EIfEL is also a Founding Member of EFQUEL, the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning.

Our vision of the role of learning technologies has naturally placed EIfEL at the forefront of ePortfolio initiatives, and the Institute is now recognised internationally as a leader of the worldwide ePortfolio movement. For example, EIfEL organised the first francophone ePortfolio conference with the Québec Ministry of Education in April 2006 and is planning the second conference in April 2008. The Institute also organised an Asia-Pacific tour in March 2007 and is currently planning an Asia-Pacific Summit in 2008.

EIfEL is also organising other learning technology events on various themes such as learning regions and cities (Lisbon 2003, La Rochelle 2004 and Oxford 2005).